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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The End Of Sherman/Favre

By Mark Quarderer
PackerChatters Staff
Thursday, 05 January 2006

The Sherman/Favre era ended with a thud on at a Monday morning press-conference. Following a grand tradition in Green Bay that includes Bart Starr and Ray Rhodes, the head coach was fired less than 24 hours after their final game.

I thought that TT would be deliberative and take time to evaluate the coach, the staff, and the players before moving. I guess I was wrong on that, and it certainly lends credence to the contention that this decision had been made quite a while ago.....contrary to what Ted Thompson stated in the press conference. I haven't had time to research this yet, but I believe that Sherman/Favre is one of the longer pairings of a Head Coach/ Quarterback in league history, logging 96 regular season games in tandem. Lombardi/Starr didn't achieve that, not Johnson/Aikman. I can think of a few that did, like Landry/Staubach , Noll/Bradshaw, and Walsh/Montana, but the fact of the matter is that very, very few HC/QB tandems had the longevity of Sherman/Favre.

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