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Monday, March 28, 2005

Packers Pre-Draft Update

by Mark Lawrence
PackerChatters Staff

The Packers have had a very exciting, if perhaps less than inspiring off-season. The first major change was to relieve GM/HC Mike Sherman of his GM responsibilities, and bring in Ted Thompson from Seattle. Ted has worked for years under Ron Wolf as a scout, and for more years under Mike Holmgren as head of scouting. He brings to the Packers a new look at drafting and team building.

We have seen little of Thompson's actions in Green Bay, and it's unclear exactly which Seattle acquisitions were his primary responsibility, so making detailed predictions at this point would be speculative at best. None the less we have seen enough to make some things clear. Thompson clearly is of the belief that you assign values to positions and to players, and you must not overpay for either. Because of this belief, Green Bay was relieved within two days of the start of free agency of our top three FAs: offensive guards Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera, and free safety Darren Sharper.

Mike Wahle is a 28 year old high energy very physical and athletic guard. His ability to pull and block in space was a key to the Packer's sweeps and screens. There is little question in my mind that he is one of the top few guards in the NFL. However, Carolina was willing to pay him like a tackle - $11.5M signing bonus, $27M over 5 years. Although I think Wahle is a special player and was a fantastic contributor to Green Bay's offense, I also think this contract is completely out of line for a guard and I support Thompson's unwillingness to compete at this financial level.

Marco Rivera is a 32 year old guard with a history of knee problems, and a history of playing through any imaginable pain. However, while Rivera was and is a model warrior, it's unclear that he can maintain his performance in the face of his body's deterioration. Rivera signed with Dallas for $19M over 5 years. Again, while I have only the highest regards for Rivera and his play, I think again this contract is excessive for a guard and I support Thompson's decision to not bid at this level.

Darren Sharper is a playmaker, but he has never been a particularly reliable safety. In the last two years he has been injured for much of the time, and appears to have lost a step. While his ball-hawking skills are superb, as demonstrated by the large numbers of interceptions he grabs every year, he seems to get lost in coverage all too often and seems to be to have been a liability in pass protection at least as often as he was an asset. Sharper was scheduled to make a completely unrealistic $8M this year, and refused (wisely, as it turns out) to agree to a more realistic $2M / year. He was snapped up by Minnesota in a rather ironic move: Sharper's greatest value to the Packers over the years has been his almost unique ability to play Randy Moss over the top and limit his otherwise back-breaking game. Moss, however, has been traded by Minnesota to Oakland and will more or less not appear in our division again. So, in my opinion, Minnesota got a slowing, arguably injury-prone unreliable playmaker whose most impressive skill is playing an ex-viking. For this they gave a $4M signing bonus and $14M over 4 years. Again, too rich for my blood, and apparently for Thompson's too.

Finally, in a move worthy of a Salvador Dali painting, San Diego signed the Packer's backup safety Bhawoh Jue to a three-year, $4.5 million deal that included a $1.5 million signing bonus. While Jue is a relatively physically gifted back, his unreliability in coverage and inability to deliver the big hit made it difficult for him to work into a starting position even in the Packers depleted secondary. Some speculate that Jue was signed due to his familiarity with Moss, as San Diego will now be facing Randy twice a year. If this is the case, all us Packers fans can say is that Jue certainly is deeply familiar with Moss, or at least with the back of Moss' jersey.

On the FA signing front, the Packers have been notably quiet. They have signed a pair of second-level guards. First, Thompson signed the Patriot's former second-round pick Adrian Klemm. Klemm is a very athletic tackle/guard who has been injured for most of the last two years. If he can stay healthy, this signing will look like genius. If he cannot, his contract, $2.6M for 2 years including $800k signing bonus, is such that cutting him will do minimal cap damage. The projected cap for '05 is about $85M. When divided by 54 players, this works out to about $1.6M per player per year. So Klemm's $1.3 cap number is less than the average player makes. Next, the Packers signed 33 year old Matt O'Dwyer. O'Dwyer is an excellent journeyman guard, and while he's probably not a long-term solution, he will almost certainly play well for a year. He signed for the veteran minimum of $765K, with a cap cost of $455k due to the veteran exemption. When you include existing Packers Grey Ruegamer, Kevin Barry and Steve Morley, it seems to me the outlook for fielding five good offensive linemen is pretty good. Perhaps we will not have on of the top three offensive lines in the NFL this year, and perhaps it will prove to suit our new guards abilities to do more straight ahead blocking like Pittsburgh and less pulling, countering, sweeps and traps like '03 and '04, but I think we'll do just fine.

Former GM Mike Sherman was in the habit of drafting for talent and upside, without much regard for immediate ability to start and contribute. This has left GM Thompson with a roster filled with under-developed speed at defensive back - if 40 yard times equated directly to coverage ability, the Packers would have probably the best secondary in the NFL ever. However, these speedy youngsters spend the last year injured, confused, and generally running around like super-sonic chickens with their heads cut off.

The source of this confusion is currently thought to be ex-coordinator Bob Slowik and defensive back coach Kurt Schottenheimer. They were promptly relieved of their positions at the end of the season, and replaced by Miami coordinator Jim Bates and about half of his staff. Rumors coming out of Lambeau field would have us believe that Thompson and Bates are impressed by much of the talent in the Green Bay defensive, and believe improved coaching and schemes will lead to a perfectly adequate defense.

At this point, Green Bay has several critical holes left to fill in their defense. Mike Barnett, drafted to be a linebacker, seems to many to be undersized and out of place playing in the middle and stopping runs. It is thought by many that Thompson will look to draft or acquire a larger MLB and move Barnett to the outside.

Green Bay currently has no safeties on the roster who have ever started a game in the NFL. Last year, Thompson's previous team, the Seahawks, started two rookies at safety. As questionable as this may seem, I see no sign that the performance they got out of their rookies was any less impressive than the performance we got out of our more experienced safeties. In any case, I think it's rather obvious that we'll be drafting at least one safety with the intention of starting him immediately.

Edge rusher KGB has lived for several years now with non-stop double teams, and this has had a profound negative impact on his play. It has been clear for these several years that Green Bay needs a complimentary edge rusher coming from the other side. However, all attempts at acquiring such a player in either the draft, free agency, or trades have met with complete and ignominious failure. The hall of shame for includes the #10 overall draft pick Jamal Reynolds, who never showed the ability to play in the NFL; expensive and fragile free agent Joe Johnson, who never showed the ability to play in Green Bay, and pre-draft trade R-Kal Trulock, who never seemed to catch on to a defensive scheme that, well, frankly, no one seemed to catch on to. It seems drafting or acquiring a speedy DE will be a priority.

Finally, the Packers have proven quite weak at the nose guard position. Free agent Grady Jackson has proven to be a very adequate nose tackle, but when he was injured last year the Packers promptly lost the next four games in a row, giving up rushing numbers that would look reasonable if the '92 Cowboys were playing St.Norbert's college. If you've never heard of St.Norbert's college, that's ok, you still get my point. The Packers have several other tackles on the roster including super-under-achiever Cleditus Hunt, but none of these alternatives was able to fill in for Grady in any meaningful fashion. Jackson, meanwhile, has expressed great dissatisfaction with the fact the he has proven key to the Packer's defense, yet has no long-term contract and is paid enormously less than aforementioned Hunt. It seems getting an athletic 330 pounder that can provide a push up the middle is also a Packers priority.

So, the Packers seem to be in a position where they need a minimum of four new defensive starters: a LB, two safeties, and a DE. Additionally, it seems critical to address the depth at the DT position. It does not seem realistic to think that all these starters can be found in a single draft. So, it would seem that the Packers will have to continue to watch the waiver wire, and hope that the June cuts yield some better choices than the February free agent market had. Additionally, it will be key to the Packer's defense to get their four young DBs - Ahmad Carroll, Chris Johnson, Joey Thomas and Jason Horton - up to speed and playing reliably in the new defensive scheme.

The good news in all this: the Packers' defensive players played so poorly compared to their talent level that it seems impossible that they could do anything but improve.

The bad news: there is a lot of room for improvement.

Next up: the NFL draft, and Ted Thompson's first chance to make a real mark on the Packers.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bashing Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila has received

by chadhaas
For PackerChatters

I've been reading a lot of posts here recently and have to admit suprise at some of the bashing Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila has received. I've read a fair number of posts in here complaining about KGB's liability as a run defender. The Packer fans who expect KGB to be a run defender AND pass rusher simply do not understand his job responsibility and have also set their expectations too high.

Against the run KGB's assignment is to cover a predetermined gap and hold his ground OR force the runner to someone else's gap. If the runner is coming directly at him, KGB's job is not to necessarily to commit in a direction to make the tackle, but rather to hold his blocker and force the play inside where the inside linebackers should be free to make the play. This is one reason why you saw Barnett have an incredible 162 tackles for the season.

On outside running plays, Gbaja-Biamila's job is to get upfield and into the tackle, before the the tackle is able to get outside of him. Here again, he is not expected to make the play until he sees the running back declare which gap he is taking, then pursue.

Because the Packers do not have a strong pass rusher on the opposite end of the line to complement him, in my opinion KGB has had the toughest task on the defense of taking on double team blocks from the tackle and tight end. In cases when the tight end releases and block a linebacker it is KGB's job to control the tight end and tackle and use up two blockers. No one can deny that he has done that.

He is also expected to be the Packers primary rushing end. Here again, he led the team despite facing double teams and despite going against players who are considerably heavier and stronger (Minnesota Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie is an example of a player who weighs more than 100 lbs than KGB!).

Remember that this guy was drafted as a right end pass rusher. However, more has been asked of him because the team is weak on the opposite end of the line. If the Packers had a complementary pass rushing end and a run stuffing tackle other than Cleditus Hunt, the statistics that everyone is looking for would skyrocket because teams no longer would have their focus on KGB as the primary player they can double team.

Just remember Packer fans who bash KGB: There are very few players in the league who are asked to be the anchor of the defensive line in terms of the pass rush and stuffing the run like Reggie White had done. They certainly never weighed 248lbs.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wish List and Other Musings

by LR
For PackerChatters

Been a while since I've posted, but unlike others that have stood and watched from the sidelines (I'm looking in your general direction, TT), it hasn't hurt our team's chances...

Thought it might help pass the time and frustration of all the standing pat the Packers have been doing if we compiled a wish list of all the remaining FA's and struck them off as they signed with other teams. Additions and notations are not only welcome, but hoped for, as I haven't seen every game these guys have played all their careers. If I've missed any of these guys signing with other teams, don't jump down my throat.

Targeting the weakest areas...
Safety - Obviously, Will Demps from the Ravens intrigues me. Good run stuffer from what I remember, played in a turnover-hungry defence, and is one of those guys who has proved naysayers wrong again and again throughout not only college, but in the pros. With so much cap room in Baltimore divvied out to Mason and now Rolle, maybe there isn't enough in the budget to match whatever offer we put on the table. Anyone have thoughts on Lamont Thompson from the Titans? A top safety from the 2002 draft, and a fellow dreadlocker to match with Harris. Also, what about Chris Hope and Ifanyi Ohalete from last year's SS sweepstakes, many here seemed super high on both of them, and both have still floundered in the past year. Could either blossom here?

**BTW, I've thought about the current depth at safety, and I think now that the big boom in FA is coming to a close, if we release Sharper, he'll find that the cash he's looking for has dried up considerably, and we'll be able to sign him to a short-term contract loaded with incentives. That should insure us in the short term, and consequently close off the FS position. Carroll to SS? No dice. Too small, and lots of DB's get toasted their first year. He'll come around. Thomas to SS? Possible, he can make a hit and strip, and he's big enough. Is he willing? He better damned well be, or he can play dime and sit on the bench.

Linebacker - Top choices on my list have to be Ed Hartwell or Tommy Polley, followed closely by Will Witherspoon. I think too much is being made of the lack of quality FA's here. I thought when we drafted him that Barnett's ideal position would be at outside linebacker, either in a 3-4 or at weakside, and Diggs doesn't have the footspeed to play well at weakside (better suited to strongside). So really, we need a big tackling machine at MLB to hold down the fort, that's all. On the topic of a 3-4, assuming we give Torrance Marshall one more chance (after his other last chances), wouldn't you love to see him outside in a Bates-coached 3-4? "Just rush the passer on every play, Torrie. Don't think, just try to knock the snot out of him." He's smart enough for that, right?

Defensive End - Lean pickin's here, to be sure. I don't mind the idea of Derrick Burgess, but what bothers me is how he was invisible for so long, and only came on in the playoffs. Alex Brown from the Bears, anyone? They've spent a lot of coin thus far, and a cap dollar isn't made of elastic. He can sure rush the passer, and he likes to get his nose dirty against the run from what I remember. Resign Kampmann, I maintain. He may not be pretty, but he gets the job done and this is a blue-collar town that appreciates a grinder.

Guard - Demulling or Coleman I can't disagree with, or even Garza. I'd maintain that we only need one, as Flanny can slide all around the line, and if Barry is stupid enough not to grab the chance to start with the departure of Wahle and Rivera, I don't want him around at all. Wells seems like the best bargain we unearthed in the late rounds since Tauscher. Curtin, consequently, has been the worst.

Quarterback - Granted, not really a position of need (please, dear God, I hope not), but I just like Mike McMahon, and with all the rumors about Garcia going to the Lions and with all the red-headed stepchild treatment he's received competing against the golden boy Harrington, I'd love to see him jump ship from the Lions and come over here to learn from a legend that shares a lot of the same traits and style.

One more thought...
Jue leaving for the Chargers makes me a happy camper. Never really liked his style, even when he started playing better down the stretch. He wouldn't come up to make the hit in run coverage, and when he got his hands on an interception, it was as if the ball had a venereal disease he didn't want to catch. Good riddance. Another failed experiment, Sherm.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The Die Is Cast

by Mark Quarderer
PackerChatters Staff

In 2000, when Mike Sherman was hired to take over a team which had fallen from 11-5 to 8-8, he and Ron Wolf surveyed the landscape and said..."Rebuild the offense first."

And with good reason. The line had looked terrible at times in 1999, affording Favre the worst protection of his career. Dorsey Levens couldn't seem to shake off the injuries and regain his 1997 form. TE Mark Chmura was dealing with his own injury issues and had added insult to injury by getting involved in a legal imbroglio that ended his career in Green Bay.

So they drafted offense. Bubba Franks, Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher, Rondell Mealy and a host of forgotten WRs. They got a couple of defenders, too, most notably Nail Diggs and KGB, but they were later round selections. The emphasis was on offense, specifically, the offensive line and the receiving corps.

Fast forward 5 years.....new GM Thompson surveys the landscape and decides......"We need to fix our cap situation....rebuild the interior of our offensive line........fix the secondary".

None of this should have really come as a surprise to people who were paying attention. The salary cap situation had been stretched tighter than one of Pamela Anderson's halter tops for years in order to carry out the organizational goal of "resigning our own guys". Clifton got a nice payday....Ferguson was extended....Harris got (over)paid.....KGB signed a very nice contract for a situational pass rusher.

But the bills were coming due: Mike Wahle's $11 million dollar payout this year necessitated a decision.....do we continue to stretch the cap to resign our own guys, or do we change the way we do business?

It's pretty clear what decision has been made. But making the decision to let young, talented starters go (we've already lost Wahle , Rivera, Navies, Sharper....and could lose Franks, Kampman, and Reugammer. That's seven starters, eight if you include Hawthorne, who started the first several games last year), means you've got to strike gold in the draft. The past several years, the Packers rolled the dice on draft day, trading up to get players who they thought might be big time contributors. Some of those gambles have paid off.......Javon Walker and Robert Ferguson....but many have not, like James Lee, Kenny Peterson, BJ Sander, Hunter Hillenmeyer, etc. But when we were returning our own guys, we could afford to miss in the draft. We don't have that luxury anymore. If we don't land several starters and quality contributors on draft day, we're going to miss the guys who have left and the team is going to slide down in an improving NFC North.

So we've fixed our cap situation. And we've set on a course that will require us to rebuild the interior of our offensive line as well as bring in several new faces in the secondary.

We're going to need to draft a guard, possibly on the first day, even if we resign Reugammer. Morley needs a year to develop yet, according to all reports. If Barry can play tackle, you could slide Tauscher down. But the best scenario would be to draft a guard who could start and resign Reugammer.

And we need two new starting safeties. I was hoping that we wouldn't have to start two rookie safeties but if we have to, we have to. Farther down the list of needs we have a need for a dependable #2 running back to take some of the load off of Green and give us a viable option if we don't want to extend Green past this season.

Linebacker, DL, TE......and of course, the eternal quest for the "heir" at QB.

But the bottom line is.......this team needs to have a helluva draft or else they're going to be less competitive this season. TT has rolled the dice......I hope he doesn't come up craps.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Free Agents under the radar

by Faede
For PackerChatters

Continuing my feast on free agency. I wanted to take a look at guys who aren't getting ANY play, who I feel should be. Obviously I concentrate on positions we could use.

1) Roberto Garza - G - Atl (espn insider rank 70)
Yeah, I'm sort of addicted to this one. While DeMulling, Mayberry, Coleman and even Kedrick Vincent are running around having visits and getting pub. He's not. He's young. Hard working. He'd be a great addition. Not a bulk guy but good in space, more of a pulling guard. He's about to turn 26.

2) Bennie Anderson. - G - Balt (espn insider rank 70)
Talk about dropping off the face of the planet. I've heard rumors on DeMulling, plenty on Mayberry, some on Coleman.. even Kedrick Vincent visiting with the Cards, but how about Bennie Anderson? Bennie's young, MASSIVE (he'll never be the tremendous pulling guard) and only JUST turned 28. Yet I've not heard a peep out of teams loo

king for him.

3) Dexter Jackson - FS - TB (espn insider rank 67- I think this is low)
Dwight Smith, Kenoy Kennedy, Sammy Knight and now, Darren Sharper get all the pub. Bud Jackson is a good player! Most importantly, he'd fit perfectly in Bates' scheme. He's not going to be a in the box type guy and he won't cover one on one like glue. But with the ball in front of him, he's a stud. He's a ballhawk. He's young, he'll be 28 when the season starts and he's had 4, 3 and 6 int's before his injury season last year. I think he's fallen off the radar, which is silly. There is NO reason to believe, in my mind, that he cannot regain his form. He had a good season with Arizona, then had a back injury and got released. I have no idea why nobody is looking at him. He had 6 int's after Arizona signed him and was second on the team in tackles despite playing THROUGH injuries.

4) Derrick Burgess - DE - Phila. (espn insider rank 6
Oh you knew this was coming. The more I research him, the more I like. He's quick. He's prototypical of a Bates' guy. He just hasn't played and when he did, this year, he was out of position. He's a pure left end who basically only had experience rushing off the left side. A broken foot is now totally healed. He had 6 sacks only starting 4 games of his rookie season before his injury. Last year his sacks went down big time, but, he was rushing off the right edge, something he's not used to. Javon Kearse played on the left side. I think he might be a bit overpriced. But I think he'd definately be worth it. Andy Reid says he's a 10 sack guy. I trust that judgement. He fits our new scheme even better then the Eagles scheme. In my opinion, injuries are the only reason he's not making Reggie Hayward money. And with the draft having a stockpile of DE's teams might hedge on getting him, lowering his value some.

5) Shad Meier - TE - Tenn (no ranking)
This one is so under the radar I'm not even sure it's true. Shad is super young, started a few games for the Titans this season. Is a pretty solid player and even had 25 catches in 2004. I'm PRETTY sure he wasn't tendered as a RFA, though I can't even find info on it. All I know is he's a good guy, a young player and has some potential at the TE position. And nobody in the universe seems to be paying any attention.

6) Warrick Holdman - LB - Cleve (espn insider rank 72)
He's probably peaked at 29/30, but he's not a bad player at all. I wanted to put Donnie Spragon and Matt Stewart here, but, their names are starting to pop up. The guy I've not heard a peep from is Holdman. He's athletic enough to play in Bates' scheme and can match up with backs and TE's in coverage. I think he'd be a very under-rated and relatively cheap signing for the SSLB slot.

Guys I'd think about.

Anthony Simmons - LB - Seattle
A bad attitude and a lot of injuries keeps his value in the toilet. But, when he plays, he plays some damn good football. He could be an absolute stone cold steal if some "ifs" got hammered out.

Aeneas Williams - S - StL
Yeah, he's old. Yeah he's lost a few steps. But he's a guy that has forgotten more about the defensive backfield then most people will ever know. If NOTHING else, he'd be a good stop gap to help tutor some rookies. And one hell of a leader in a young defensive backfield.

Dominic Rhodes - RB - Ind
He hasn't been on anyone's wishlist, yet he played pretty good football before his injury. Not only could he be a steal, he's a solid Kick Returner as well. 2 years removed from the ACL. That's when RB's get fully healthy after that surgery. Could be a big time purchase if Davenport gets shuttled out.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Thompson is doing this the RIGHT way

by Rev White
For PackerChatters

I'm sure all of you have seen the contracts Wahle and Rivera have received. Wahle might have been worth that money here, but it would have come at another expense (player(s), future cap problems, injury). At some point, Thompson realized he couldn't pay all of his O-Linemen top dollar. At some point this group would be broken up. Thompson does have a plan and I'll assume it won't be half-assed.

Wahle got top dollar, but Rivera's deal is insane. Dallas is paying top dollar for two older free agents and a DB who is shaky at best. If Jerruh Jones wants to do this, it's damn fine with me. The Cowboys' future cap will be charged with so much dead money that it'll make what we've experienced look like a cake-walk.

Teams are throwing away money at free agents...not investing it. I'd rather Thompson build this team shrewdly through the draft with modest free agent gains than to throw money at players and pretend that his team will be magically better because of it.

Quite simply, Ted Thompson didn't feel the urge to be a free-spending, crazed and reckless egotist just to satisfy the fanbase. Thompson has a plan, a plan I see now and for the future. Thompson wants to build a winner by being the smart man on the totem pole.

I applaude Thompson's decision to stand firm and take whatever blows come. He has to think about not only the here-and-now, but what the future Green Bay Packers looks like. Ted Thompson did the hard thing, but it was the right thing to do.

Let these free-spending GM's smile now, because we'll see them with a lot of frowns sometime in August.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

End Of An Era

by jakesdaddio
For PackerChatters

I say this as a huge Packer fan! I have supported Mike Sherman through it all, but I believe this will be his last year in Green Bay, and it's not entirely his fault. I also believe this team is headed for Bear Country, meaning the bottom of the NFC North, for at least a couple of years.

First of all, I believe Brett Favre will retire. If you really wanted to come back, wouldn't you know it already? Also, two pro-bowl calliber offensive lineman are going to be gone, and Kevin Barry could also be gone soon. Nall and O'Sullivan could also very easily be gone. Do you realize that the current depth chart of Packer QB's could be gone entirely, except if you count McBrien, who is in NFLE? Favre retiring will send a ripple through the team. The ONLY reason many people wanted to come to play in Green Bay was to get the chance to play with Brett. With him gone, and a much weaker line, very few players will want to come to Green Bay. This will make the draft a priority under TT.

Secondly, I find the low tenders to Kampman, Nall, O'sullivan, Davenport, etc..extremely bizarre. It seems to me the Packers are daring other teams to raid these players, and would rather have the picks, low as they may be. It seems to me that TT is in a rebuilding mode...getting all of his own players, and getting rid of Sherman's. We all know TT loves picks..he's said that numerous times. It seems the team is now ready to bite the bullet, and let some players go to save cap room, and start rebuilding. that is something that wouldn't happen if Favre was 2-3 years younger.

Which brings me to Mike Sherman. He is going to do his very best to move this team forward, but offensively I see a very disappointing year for the Packers. The defense will improve greatly, making Jim Bates a big head coaching candidate in the future. Rather than let him leave, the Packers will likely fire Mike Sherman, and hire Jim Bates to avoid his leaving. I get the feeling that TT isn't real impressed with Mike Sherman, and would rather have his own guy. He is slapping him in the face, in a way, by letting all these players get the lowest tenders. He is saying to Mike, your players aren't that good, and we're not going to overpay them. I can't necessarily disagree with TT, I am just giving you my opinion.

With Favre gone, the Packers will need 2 QB;s who can play, because you know whoever the starter is won't play in every game like Brett did. No other QB in the NFL does that. The Packers may have to trade other good players to get set up for the future. Don't be suprised to see Ahman Green traded for defensive help, and picks. Without Green, Davenport, Rivera, Wahle, Favre, Barry, maybe Franks, how different would this offense look? And what will this team likely draft mostly? Defense. They can't be big players in free agency, because they don't have cap space, so they can't get help on the offense in the draft, unless they don't help the Defensive side of the ball like we all think.

To sum up, this team is in a mess! The good news is, I think we may have a great young GM in TT, who will quickly draft our way out of this mess. But, don't be suprised to see the Packers in the basement of the NFC North for a couple of years. Just remember, in today's NFL, teams can turn things around quickly, so please remain the great fans you were when the Packers sucked in the 70's and 80's. I don't want to see empty seats at Lambeau, EVER!!

I hope I am wrong, and I am sorry if this is rambling, but I have a hunch this team in in a world of hurt! The good news is, I believe in a couple of years, this team can be right back where we belong, back in the Super Bowl.

Guys with heart you can't help but want on your team.

by Faede
For PackerChatters

Looking through the prospects, there's one thing that really stood out to me about the players this season.

There's a ton of heart.

Going through that list, I think the Packers will have a great shot at picking up some quality individuals, with heart, character and smarts.

Just off the top of my head, I think these guys would be tremendous football players the packers would have a good shot at getting. And moreso, guys you will NEVER have locker room issues with.

Matt Roth DE - fiery, gives 1000%, not to mention very possibly insane (in a good way)

David Pollack DE - not fast enough, not tall enough, not heavy enough... yet still all world.

Demarcus Ware DE - Another kid I love. He's too small, he's from Troy. Big deal. This guy made himself into a football player. He worked himself from a 150 pound receiver into a 255 pound DE. Nobody wanted him, Troy took a chance on him and he showed them he was worth it. I read a report on his character and work ethic and it's just top notch. To quote "No matter how hard you try, you can not find anyone saying anything bad about this kid".

Robert McCune LB - fast, huge and driven. The guy is older for a rookie, but you have to love that desire.

Kirk Morrison LB - Another guy who you just love. A leader. Does everything right. Small school, but, has a ton of talent and two tons of desire.

Sean Considine S - You know, for a solid safety who does everything right, runs 4.5 and has every ounce of football passion you want in a player.. this guy gets NO pub. Could possibly be my favorite safety in this draft.

Charlie Frye QB - The guy is a competitor. He'll have critics, but would you bet against him? No way. Played with injuries left and right.

Kyle Orton QB - another leader. He faded in the end of last year, but, didn't complain or step the motor back one inch, despite, from reports.. an injury that was much more serious then he let on. He's got a great arm, yet seems to be fading. I've no doubt that he is the type that won't allow himself to fail in the NFL. I like those kinda guys.

Adrian McPherson QB - Yeah, I know there's a lot on him. But I practically started this bandwagon around here. I love guys who take adversity, fess up, move on and learn from it. He's worked hard, very hard to get to this point. He deserves to reap the rewards.

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