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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Vote No on Lienart

by C.D. Angeli
PackerChatters Staff
December 4, 2005

Just a passing thought.

I was thinking about some discussion lately about Roethlisberger and Orton, how they are young QBs who have played fairly well, though they are generally asked to do little more than manage the team and the running games, and let the defenses do the bulk of the work.

To be a young QB (or heck, any QB) in a position of having a great line in front of you, a great stable of productive running backs, and a solid top 5 defense...you can't do much wrong. Favre was in this position in his MVP years, and it allowed him to as successful as he was.

Lienart, though, is playing that role in college. Don't get me wrong, I'm not cutting on the kid, and I know he's probably as special of a QB as we'll see in the next several drafts. But he is surrounded by talent, including two great RB, one of whom will probably be taken ahead of him in the draft.

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