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Monday, December 05, 2005

How to measure a pass rush

by Rick Cina
PackerChatters Staff
Monday December 5, 2005

Is counting the sacks enough?

In 2004, the Green Bay Packers registered 40 sacks, good enough to tie for 10th best in the NFL. Armed with that information, we can conclude that the Packers had a better-than-average pass rush last year, right?

No, we probably shouldn’t conclude that. It’s a good bet that very few followers of the 2004 Packers would agree that Green Bay defenders were able to generate a consistent, or even respectable, pass rush throughout the season last year. Measuring how good at pass rushing a team or a player is involves more than just counting the number of sacks. Probably a better way to statistically assess a pass rush is to also consider how many hurries (or pressures, as they are also called) and quarterback knockdowns a team or player had, in addition to the sack numbers.

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