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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Coaching Hot Seat

by Mason A. Wood
PackerChatters Staff
Sunday December 4, 2005

As we inch closer and closer to the end of the 2005 NFL regular season schedule, there is no better time than the present to evaluate the all important coaching position. The coaching hot seat puts these coaches on notice and lets them know now that their time is near if not here already. Coaches with two years or less with their current team are left off this debate for obvious reasons.

Time to start packing

Jim Haslett (New Orleans Saints) - The real question is why wasn’t he fired years ago? With respect to the natural disaster situation in New Orleans and that it’s amazing for them to have remained this competitive; this is not a one year struggle. Since taking over the Saints he has posted 46 wins against 47 losses. While the numbers appear average, there has been much disappointment with the results the Saints have achieved under his tenure. All together, the situation in New Orleans is grim from every view and the first step to rebuilding this franchise starts with a new coach.

Dick Jauron (Detroit Lions) – Yes I’m aware he is an interim coach for the Lions, but the fact is that Matt Millen will not accept Jauron as the head coach next season. This is Jauron’s opportunity to show the league he is worthy of considerations to return to a head coaching position elsewhere in the NFL, all while Matt Millen searches for his next coach.

Norv Turner (Oakland Raiders) – I highly doubt that Al Davis will accept the excuses that come from this season. Turner failed to produce an offensive attack with a great set of receivers and a strong line. This is his official call to the hot seat and the only thing that might save his job is if the Raiders win out to the end of this season or at least show some type of progress under Turner.

Coaches who will get one more year to win

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