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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stresses and challenges in our life...

Each one of us reacts differently to the stresses and challenges in our life and its the same way on the football field.

by Satori
For PackerChatters

I have often noted that the players/coaches/fans have an immense reaction to a turnover, when in reality it is often no different than a punt. If it isn't returned for a score....

Why is an INT or fumble such a huge momentum swing regardless of where it happens on the field ?

Drives stall all the time and teams give up posession to the other team. There is no gnashing of teeth, no crowd eruption, just a stalled drive and a punt. Teams often take over at midfield several times per game and its not nearly as big a deal as it would be of it were a turnover.

Its the same in every aspect of your life- its not the challenge, its how you react to it.

And this is why Favre is different than many of us, especially the "turnover is everything crowd".

He shrugs it off and immediately gets busy trying to win the game. At the end of the day, he laments the INTs and wishes he didn't throw them.

But at the moment of truth, he knows only one thing- full speed ahead and keep pushing the envelope. He doesn't care how many times you knock him down, he is still getting back up and getting after you. Thats why you see such admiration from fans/players/coaches, because of his demeanor and perseverence.

Brett is not a chess player, and todays' NFL is more of a game of chess than in yesteryear- tons of substitution, time-outs, packages, formations etc all in an attempt to play chess.

Brett is a checkers player and he doesn't care if you jump him a couple of times, he is still coming at ya.

He doesn't react to INTs the same as most of us, and thats why many get so upset with him.

Brett is just different than most of us and that's one reason why he is on the field and we are in cyberspace.

Its not the INTs that are the sole problem, its the reaction to them by the fans and the players that gives them their immense power.

Now INTs that go for TDs are a different story....and I understand that. But I believe his reaction to an INT is similar to a CB getting beat for a TD- short memory and get back to getting after the opponent.

I will make no debate about whether a checkers player or a chess player is the better option, I am just suggesting that we are led by a checkers player, and to lament his lack of fortitude in chess might be misplaced.

Sherman is a chess player and requires immesne amounts of time to mull over each option, Favre makes gut- feeling calls in an instant. They both make mistakes.

But its silly to ask Sherman to play checkers, and equally unlikely that Brett will take up chess.

It would be nice...but thats who they are.
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