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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Joey Thomas/The Steelers

by Mark Quarderer

I didnt see the Joey Thomas thing coming but I have to say, I like it.

It is arguable that no other single individual contributed less positive to our effort and made more serious mistakes that hurt.

On the balance ledger, his account was decidedly in the red.

It was Joey Thomas who badly misplayed a pass against Cleveland that led to a long TD in a game that we narrowly lost. It was Joey Thomas who inexplicably (and inexcusably) failed to keep the receiver inbounds with two seconds on the clock at Minnesota that led to the winning field goal. It was Joey Thomas' stupid penalty away from the ball that kept a drive alive against Cincinnati which ultimately resulted in a TD.

Three plays, three games, and in every case you could make the argument that a solid performance would have helped a great deal and maybe even made THE difference.

Apparently, he had a fine offseason, staying in Green Bay, working with the coaches, attending the opportunity sessions. He was penciled in as a starter heading into training camp. But he got injured and lost his spot to his nemesis and wrestling partner, Ahmad Carroll. Apparently, that didn't sit well with him. And it didn't sit well with him when he was benched after his poor play in Cincinnati, allegedly saying words to the effect of "Carroll makes all kinds of mistakes and doesn't get benched".

Carroll makes mistakes, no doubt, but he's not making the critical mistakes that are costing us games. And there's something else: Carroll CAN cover. Whether Thomas was injured or not I don't know but it certainly looked to me as though he was just not able to cover NFL receivers.

Coming out of college he was considered to have good speed but it didn't look that way this year. Also, coming out of college, he had a reputation as kind of cocky smart mouth with an attitude. Perhaps it was his mouth as much as his brain and legs that got him off the team.

In any event, it's a nice step in the direction of accountability and I wonder if this means they're ready to hold other, more veteran players accountable for poor play as well. Time will tell but I'm not holding my breath. This was a cheap way of getting everybody's attention, cutting a second year dime back. Sitting veteran starters is something else.


Brian Cox was on Fox radio today talking about the Steelers and he said "They come into the game with Plan A, and if you stop Plan A, they don't adjust very quick and go to Plan B. It's like it takes them until the middle of the third quarter to realize that what they're doing isn't working."

I suppose that you could say this means Bill Cowher commits to the run........or that he's slow to make gametime adjustments. Depends on your point of view I guess. In any event, I'm actually thinking this might be a game the Packers win. Pittsburgh's defense isn't quite the crusher they had last year, and they've given up 20 points to a couple of below average offenses already this year. Roethlisberger is dinged and may not play, or may not play as well. They have the short week and then they travel. And they have a history of playing down to their competition.

My suspicion is that Favre has played his worst game of the year (and his best) and that we'll be in for a stretch of games now where he does a little better job taking care of the ball. He'll still make bad decisions and he'll still lock on receivers instead of progressing through reads, but I don't think we'll see anymore 4 and 5 INT orgies this season. We can still win games if he throws one, maybe even two if we get a takeaway or two to balance it out.

If cutting Thomas sends the right signal.....and the team gets the message......we could see the Packers play their best game of the season against Pittsburgh.

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