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Monday, November 14, 2005

Football 101---99 G Lead

by Reckless

99 G Lead

This weeks play of the week is the TD play that culminated a 12 play drive that opened the second half of the game against the Steelers. It pulled the Packers within 3 points at 13-10. It was called on 3rd and goal from the one yard line. It was the first TD scored by RB Samkon Gado. The Steelers play a 6-2 goal line defense with gap principals that Sherman said is very sound.



Kevin Barry (71) has to get a very solid block on B1. “Barry jumped on that defender and did a great job for us”. The LT has to block down on E1 – blocking him to the inside, or to the right of the offense. The C has a difficult job on this play. His responsibility is to “reach block” T1. In other words he is supposed to keep a defender who is lined up to his left from getting to the play which is going to the left. The LG, Adrian Klemm, pulls to the left and “blocks the first force off the edge”. Sherman drew a line showing S1 coming across the line of scrimmage and the LG pulling and blocking him.

“The backside is the trick.” The RG “reach” blocks T and “somehow some way” the RT has to get to B3. Sherman drew a line from the RT to the middle of where B2 and B3 lined up. “It doesn’t always happen but in this case Mark Tauscher, the RT, got a push on B3 and pushed him into a pile”. The FB, Vonta Leach, searches out the front side LB, B2. Sherman drew the FB’s path between 71 and the LT. Leach did make that block and created the “pile” that Tauscher pushed B3 onto. The TE and 88 on the right side are responsible for cutoff blocks against E and B.

The RB, Samkon Gado, wants to take this on an “outside course because many times we can’t get this guy” (B2). Sherman drew the RB’s path right through where B1 lined up.

The tape showed 71 didn’t get push on B1 but got position. By the time the RB went by him, 71 was completely between the defender and the RB but the defender was still at about the one-yard line. The LG met S1 at the goal line and delivered a good block knocking him backwards. The pile created by the FB’s block occurred at about the one-yard line as well. And the RT just pushed B3 onto the pile. The RB got into the end zone untouched. In fact, the only player to touch him at all was S who was not blocked but didn’t get to the RB until he was a couple of yards into the endzone.

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