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Monday, October 10, 2005

The weeding out process

by Bamapackerfan
For PackerChatters

Here are some random thoughts on this issue;

Diggs stays only if he takes a very big cut. He is scheduled to make something like $2.9M next year, including a pretty substantial roster bonus. He is hurt too often and not worth the money. Does he fit this defense, assuming we still have the same system next year, and that is something I don't assume any more. Any way, I think he's gone.

We are going to need to find so many starters, that we truely can draft the BPA in every round, because that player will almost certainly be a need. Having said that, we still need DBs: the best CB we can find and another young S. We just have to improve the defensive backfield. The other spot that could be high impact is at RB. We are going to need at least two new RBs and a new FB. The third area of importance, although not nececessarily in that order is the interior of the DL. We might be able to find a decent LB or two in FA, along with a S, and maybe a more solid OL. If walker and Murphy come back we could have a very decent receiving corps.

The way Kampman is playing, I'm not so sure we don't have two legitimate starters at DE now. What we need is solid play in the interior, and for the back 7 to be something other than vulnerable.

On the OL, we might be pretty decent with Clifton, Wells, Whittiker and Tauscher. We need to find a LG. I could see Klemm sticking for the second year of his contract providing solid depth at LG and LT, and maybe starting. I don't know if Costin might become a contributor, but this kind White is intriguing if he can fill out. We need a young guy or two and a solid if not pricey veteran. I don't know what to make of Barry. He doesn't appear to be starting material. So do you sign him for the veteran's minimum or look for a younger player with upside?

If Favre returns, which is oh so iffy, we will be fine at QB, but assuming he doesn't, which is what I assume, we are going to need a young one to develop and a veteran in case Rodgers isn't ready.

We need an impact running back and to strenthen the DB and interior of the DL. If we can do that, we are going to start to improve. If Rodgers starts, and has a solid OL, a good RB, and the current crop of WRs healed up, we might just surprise a few people next year.

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