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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Some reflections on the Packers season!

This is NOT the Packers year (DUH!)

by ricky
For PackerChatters

First- this loss really hurt. The dominant first half followed by the dominated second half. Ugh. I took my dogs for a long walk before posting this, so I could clear my head of the rants that threatened to erupt. I'm better now.

1. Injuries are killing the Packers. Obvious, yes. But the loss of first Walker, then Ferguson (on a terrific catch- wrestling it away from the defender!) hurts. Then, the loss of Davenport, then Green gone- good grief. The only thing to do is "hunker down", not claw at other Packer fans in frustration at the team and the games, and hope the young players gain valuable experience for next year.

2. I thought the loss of Rivera and Wahle would be significant. I was roundly chastised, and sometimes even condescended to by others, who claimed that replacing guards is difficult. Tackles? A dime a dozen. Well, maybe not. Still, this offensive line has picked up pass blocking, though the run blocking is sadly lacking. Wahle in particular was known for this skill- the ability to pull and "play in space". Maybe next year...

3. Favre continues to amaze me. A few years ago (when he was having his "down years"- during the time of the broken thumb, and other nagging injuries), I urged "trading him now and getting something of value for him." My goodness- I was totally and completely wrong. The man is still one of the top five QB's in the league. Yes, he can still miss open receivers- but he still has an incredible arm, an amazing ability to elude the rush and the ability to move and throw that no other QB possesses. Amazing.

4. At this point, I don't think the Packers can win this division. Even if they did, considering how many "skill" players they have lost- what would be the point? Many on here have said if the Packers had a chance to draft high- well, this could be the year. They could very well end up with a top-ten pick. Before anyone asks, or charges, no, I'm not "jumping off the band wagon". I jumped on this particular bandwagon approximately 45 years ago, when I was ten. I've never jumped off, and never will. However, reality has to be faced, and hard truths must be admitted.

5. The defense continues to be on the rise. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Vikings were able to make half-time adjustments, and the Packers didn't.

6. IF Green and Ferguson are gone for extended periods of time, the Packers have virtually no chance of winning. Why? The defense will double team Driver, and with Chatman as the only other viable WR, game over. The only chance they'll have is to go to double and triple TE formations- bring in Lee, Franks and Martin (in the slot?) to challenge the shorter, lighter DB's- because I don't believe the linebackers could keep up with them. A ray of hope- but as far as the Packers are concerned, I may get discouraged, but I never give up (an obvious contradiction of what I've posted earlier- but as time passes, I still look for that "silver lining").
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