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Sunday, October 23, 2005

So how was this Favre's fault?

My post-game rant!

by LosAngelis

PackerChatters Staff

Well, Favre Haters...we lost again. Somehow or another, Favre must be held accountable for this, right?

I mean, he's the HOF quarterback. He should never lose.

Must be all those intercept....oh, wait. He didn't throw one. Man, that's like only 1 in the last 3 games. Hey The GM/Bob/Other...have you figured out how many interceptions he's projected to throw this season now? How about if we project the last three games over the season?

How about his FUMBLE! Right? The one from Wells that bounced of his own butt and never reached Favre? Rodgers would have caught it, though, right?

Aha! Craig Nall!! Where's ibatiger to tell us how Nall would have thrown for 7 TDs in the second half without the season's starting #1 and #3 receiver, the season's starting #1 and #2 running backs, and without the season's #1 center? Somehow, Favre messed that up, right? Stupid ol' Favre.

Bring it on, FHC. You know who you are, and so do I. Do I need to do a role call and find out why so many of you have lurked over the last three weeks, when you were so vocal the three weeks before that? We can only criticize him when he does poorly? So, we'll wait until the next interception, perhaps 3 weeks from now, and start the accusations anew because now you have "proof"? And all his heroics between interceptions are again, worth nothing, which is why you can't speak anymore.

Perhaps it was the third quarter that did us in. Why didn't Favre manage to throw like he did on the final drive throughout the entire third quarter? Pay no mind to the reversion to "Playing not to lose" attitude, both on offense and defense, rushing only 4 down linemen against the Vikings, which wasn't enough, and allowing Culpepper to completely rediscover his own confidence. Pay no mind that we generated only 50-odd total yards in the third quarter, both rushing and passing. Could it be that we didn't take chances down the field, cradling our wounds from the losses of Ferguson and Green? Or, do you just open it up and find Bubba Franks, Tony Fisher, Donald Driver, and anyone else who is willing to give it up for this team?

It's a pity that Favre went out and stomped on both Ferguson's and Green's knees personally to insure they left the game. I know the cameras didn't show it, but obviously, everything bad that happens comes back to Brett Favre. Right? Somehow, we must prove in any way shape or form, whether it makes sense or not, that Brett is the worst thing for this team, and that he must be let loose like a ballast bag in a hot air balloon. Chucked aside like manure in a cow barn. Ejected like an audio cassette after the advent of CDs.

Is this your case? Somehow, Brett Favre was NOT Tom Brady and could NOT lead us back in the fourth quarter (oh, interesting stat about his 34 4th quarter comebacks in his career, funny how that gets overlooked). Gosh, I wish we had Tom Brady instead of Brett Favre. I wish we had TJ Rubely instead of Brett Favre, right?

Or, will you take the hand-wringing "no mas" approach, saying..."See! I told you if he'd just play mistake free, we'd win! I was right all along!!!"

Except we didn't win. We lost.

He played as mistake-free of a game as I've ever seen him play in recent years. He also MADE PLAYS, and led the team AGAIN when the defense allowed 23 POINTS IN A HALF, and the RUNNING GAME DISAPPEARED, with only TWO EXPERIENCED WR's and ONE EXPERIENCED RB.

And it still came down to a 58 yard field goal made on the same field where OUR beloved kicker, who we MUST sign to some hefty contract extension this offseason, missed TWO field goals of lesser distance earlier.

So, Favre Hate Cult, make your hypotheses. I'm dying to hear them.

Regale me with fairy tales on how Favre lost this game for us today.

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