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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sherman march-repeat or defeat?

It's fustrating but understandable

by oletimer
For PackerChatters

I think many fans have been premature in proclaiming the Packers are dead after a 1-4 start, but one can also understand the frustration that feeds that thought process. Last season Sherman righted a sinking ship (1-4 start) and went on to win the Division title for the third consecutive year along with a short appearance in the playoffs-not a totally bad effort never-the-less? But can Sherman and company recreate that effort once again? Without question, there is unanswered questions’ remaining that feeds that doubt, but not mine!

First of all, I expect the 2005 season would come with some early struggles, reasoning:

a. Loss of the middle of the OL (Whale, Rivera and for all practical purpose Flanagan as well (injured and playing likewise). Why some fans didn't expect a major impact of such losses, I can only suggest they should have taking a reality test; many other fans realized the problem, but didn't want to accept the reality that such struggles has reasons attached?

Yes, Beightol has worked wonders in the past, therefore, one must assume he can and will do it again this year? While I hope for the same, its never-the-less such effort is not an easy task and would take time (at most, mid-season is a reasonable target that may be achievable-like it or not). Patience has venture and merit here; therefore I wait and remain hopeful. When all is said and done, I honestly believe the OL will be corrected because Beightol likes such challenges, and he is quite capable of finding a solutions from where-ever his magic is found! But even so, having Brett at the helm nothing impossible by years end! Brett is a difference maker, so let patience prevail.

b. Bates factor and the youth movement created allot of hype, which all Packer' fans should relish-watching as Bates and company develops a quality Defense from a group of unknowns? Personally, I always believed the problem wasn't a lack of talent on the Defensive side of the ball that manufactured the problem (a weak Defense effort in 2004 and the question mark going into 2005 season). The real problem was the past DC’s and their respective schemes that did a lousy job utilizing the available talent and preparing the players to get the job done. Bates appears to be making that point obvious for me. That said, the Defense is a work-in-progress and Bates has them guided in the right direction-thanks God! SO from a Defensive view point, fans have been given something that positive to look forward too! It may surprise all Fans alike that the Defense happens to becoming the strength of the team, and not the Offense. A funny bounce of the ball can change many truths! It doesn’t take much to make the elite Offense-normal, the normal Defense being among the elite!

c. If that not enough, add into the formula the fact that Brett’s losses his key weapons in Walker, Davenport, Bubba and Murphy each hit with major injuries, adding to the woes of the OL that must protect Brett already under stress!

What exactly is Sherman and staff to do, but plowing ahead while they try to find answers to all the above? So the Pack got off to a dismal 1-4 record, dishearten to all Packer’ fans no doubt! But remember 3 of the 4 Packer’s loss when down to the wire with the players never given up and fought a brave battle- with the total point difference for those three losses was but a total of 6 points. Sherman, Bates and company have been dealt a tough hand too play, personally I give them credit for keeping the ship heading in the direction in the mist of a major storm!

Can’t wait till Sunday and the Vikings!

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