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Monday, October 10, 2005

How did we win? We played not to lose.

by LosAngelis
PackerChatters Staff

We've gotten whupped many times. Conservative playcalling, predictable formations, into the "Favre can save us at the end" mindset again.

It all started with 4th and 1 vs. Philadelphia two years ago. We had that game and the Eagles by their talons. Then, instead of going for the win, we trusted our punter and shaky defense to win it for us.

If you want to win in this league, you go for the jugular. You don't use your punter as a "weapon". Losing teams use their punter as a weapon. Winning teams use the best all-around RB in the league running bechind the best OLine package in the league.

We played not to lose. And we lost.

We've seen this through a lot of 2004 and the first part of 2005. Thinking too much about not holding, not throwing interceptions, not missing tackles, not fumbling...not making mistakes.

Then, 4th quarter Carolina, the team said "screw it" and played to win. They did the same thing today. Mixed it up. Hit them from every angle. Didn't throw a ball into the endzone hoping someone might make a play in coverage, but throwing it confidently to a confident receiver who didn't try to make a play....he MADE a play.

One writer said the Packers should have benched Favre earlier and not demoralized the Saints so much.

I feel bad for what they've gone through, but that's tough. No one cuts us any breaks, and no one cuts anyone any breaks.

If we want to continue to win ball games, we have to continue to play to win. If we make a mistake, just come back like David Martin did last week and make up for it. Twice.

Quit carping and micromanaging every little error. Repeated errors that don't get made up for should be dealt with. But this team is finally starting to believe in itself and each other. They're playing and having fun, which is what the game was originally about.

Winning is risk. Unless you have the #1 offense (we don't) and the #1 defense (we don't). We can't methodically run the ball every play and make safe, 1 yard passes to win games.

I don't know if this is Sherman or if this is the players picking up the ball and making the plays. Whomever it is, they need to keep it up, keep the faith, believe in themselves, and mostly, worry about putting points and the board and stopping the other team from doing it, instead of worrying about how many interceptions they have or how many missed tackles they have.

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