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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hindsight is great but just does not equate honestly.

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

I for one cannot understand the audacity of those in the media who lie and portray their thoughts to the negative.

When the draft was going on almost all the major media types were saying the Packers had better serve up a QB. They insisted that the Packers mike Sherman had been foolish in not selecting a QB in round 1 or 2 the last couple of years. Many seem to think the Packers should select either Jason Campbell or Charlie Frye.

Now of course since Brett Favre is playing well the tone has turned caustic and the blame game is out in full force. Now it sells papers to criticize Green Bay for not getting Brett more help. Yeah right! Just what kind of help would Brett need that was there at 24 that would ignite the fire to pass on the best player available at pick 24? Please anyone tell me right now just who that miracle player was.

There are some out there who claim the Packers were idiots for not getting another defensive player. OKAY, I agree a defensive player was a need but of all the players still on the board who would be better selection right now. Mike Patterson statistically the best going right now but please tell me would Patterson be playing ahead of Grady Jackson or Cullen Jenkins right now? Jenkins has played better than Patterson so far this season with better stats and more big plays.

Some are saying a DB but when you really take an honest and open look at the DB play for the Packers no one that was on the board would be playing right now. Mark Roman has had 4 really solid games and the other game was 3 and ½ quarters solid. Nick Collins is playing well but we selected him at 51. Can you imagine the reach hollering that would have resulted if we had selected him at 24!!!!! – The truth people is that the safety play has not been bad this year.

Maybe an OL should have been the selection? Seriously thinking needs to be ushered in right about now. Very few OL taken in a class where OL were not considered the strength of the draft usually do not make difference makers. Maybe Spencer or Mankins or Baas are going to be solid but they are struggling just as mightily as Adrian Klemm and Will WHittiker right now.

As many who know my posting about the draft, Aaron Rodgers is not my ideal of a QB. I like a QB like Phillip Rivers and wanted the Packers to move up for him in the 2004 draft. Can you imagine the Sherman hating that would have ensued if Sherman would have done just that (traded up for Rivers) – But, Aaron Rodgers represents a quality promising QB with a winning attitude and solid skills. He is not your golden arm slinger but he is the type that will slice and dice a team to pieces. He is a winner. Sort of the mold of a Bob Griese and somewhat a Bart Starr. Do not be fooled though as Rodgers does have a better than average arm and can throw the deep out.

I am not going to get into the love relationship of Brett Favre and fall prey to no one can replace Brett syndrome that seems to have taken over some on this board. When you objectively look at what Rodgers is about you can not get past the talent and skills he possesses. He represented total value. A serious reasoning suggests that Rodgers was more than just value. Green Bay was one of the teams that had a cause to look at QB during the draft. I cannot find a single writer or reporter who did not say so before the draft. It is convenient and unethical that they are now saying it was a foolish selection.

To criticize Ted Thompson for selection of Aaron Rodgers holds very little credence when you honestly look at every angle. I believe this selection was as close to a no-brainer as there possibly can be with a draft selection. Again I say to anyone, name me a player who was still on the board between pick 25 and 51 any better and who would be making a difference right now?????

Now if you want to throw out any criticism there is some room for what happened in round 3 for maybe some criticism. Maybe Thompson got a little trade happy and wanted more selections be it lower round selections. But, was there anyone (player) that is making a huge difference right now? Marviel Underwood is not my kind of player but he does represent speed. And we did get other selections with other trades using what he got from the original 3rd round trade.

But it still comes back to the premium selection at 24. Was selecting Aaron Rodgers a waste?

1) he is a top QB prospect and fell for no reason other than most of the teams selecting ahead of Green Bay had no QB needs
2) he represents very good value
3) Rodgers is a winner and has ability (he is no stiff)
4) Rodgers has mobility and is the kind of QB the Packers need in 2007 and beyond

And I keep coming back to one simple thought. Who was on the board at the time that would have represented being a difference maker for the Packers right now? A LB, a DT, a DE or a DB. I look hard and long and cannot find such player. Sure there are some nice prospects like Barrett Ruud, Mike Patterson, Logan Mankins and Shaun Cody but none of them I believe would be a major force for the Packers right now. Mike Patterson has a couple of sacks but has made errors for the Eagles as well, but again I point to Cullen Jenkins who is playing better.

As most GM’s will explain their objective in every round is to get quality and value. Sometimes that value is represented not current but for future. The question is this. Would Green Bay before this season ever thought they would be in position to get a top 5 player that low in the drafting order? Sure it is easier now that Green Bay sits 1-4 in the standings to say “see there Green Bay should have selected Marling Jackson or Mike Patterson and waited till this year to get their QB”. THAT IS JUST NOT A FAIR WAY TO LOOK AT IT!!! Hindsight is great but just does not equate honestly.

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