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Monday, October 17, 2005

Football 101- Pass 96 Coun86r Gap Solid Z Runback

by Reckless
PackerChatters Staff

Pass 96 Coun86r Gap Solid Z Runback

This week’s play is the TD pass to Ferguson (89) vs. the Saints, a play Sherman said was a key play in the game. It is run out of “Solo Left” formation using Tiger (2 86s, 2 WRs, 1 RB) personnel. The Packers had the ball at the Saints’ 25 yard line.



Sherman made the point that they have run a lot out of Tiger and they changed it up by passing a lot out of Tiger vs. N.O. This play is a “play pass”: It is a fake of the run “96 Coun86r Gap”. The LG pulled to the right and blocked E. Donald Lee (86) ran an “over route”. He ran around E to the outside (right) to run up the field and then cut left behind where the LBs lined up running parallel to the line of scrimmage (LOS). The play action (fake of the run) is designed to get the LBs to take a step toward the LOS and to the right of the offense. Favre faked to the RB who ran toward where E lined up. After the fake, Favre bootlegged to the left. “Solid” in the play call means David Martin (87) blocks E1. On many of the bootlegs to the left, the TE on that side releases into the left flat. But on this play, they want Favre to have time to look for Driver (80) who ran a “run back” route. His route is to run about 25 yards straight down the field and then cut back toward the left sideline at a sharp angle.

The Saints were playing “quarters coverage” on this play – the four DBs each cover a quarter of the field. Ferguson’s (89) route had him run inside the CB, Mike McKenzie, and “over” S and then angle toward the back line along the back of the end zone. Sherman drew the route going up the field to the left of where CB lined up and then continuing to a spot behind where S lined up and then continuing to angle, going deeper, toward the left. CB had “over coverage” and S had “under coverage” on 89. (CB was behind 89 and S was in front of 89). S1 came up to cover 86 on the over route, and that created a void in the coverage and the ball was delivered right on the money.

The tape showed that the LG, Klemm, missed his block on E. Martin (87) sustained his block pretty well but E1 did pressure Favre just as he released the ball. Driver (80) ran a step or two into the end zone and as he was cutting back, the ball was thrown. S had pretty good coverage – Ferguson was behind him but it took a great throw to complete the pass. Sherman didn’t say it but from the name of the play, my guess is Driver was the primary read on the play as he was the “Z” receiver running the “run back”.

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