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Friday, October 07, 2005

Football 101- Hound2 Y Choice

by Reckless
PackerChatters Staff

This weeks play of the week was the Packer’s 3rd TD in the game against Carolina. The Packers had the ball at the Carolina 16 yard line, first and ten. The play is “Green right slot (formation) U (personnel – 2 TEs and 2 RBs) Short, Hound2 Y Choice”.




(Sherman drew four “check marks” where CB1, CB, S1 and S lined up.) David Martin (87) lined up wide left, which is a “unique position for a big TE”. “We got quarters coverage which is kind of a four deep coverage.” 87 went in short motion to his right, parallel to the line of scrimmage (LOS), to about where Donald Driver (80) lined up. At the snap he went back to the left and angles toward where CB1 lined up. 80 runs a “smash route” which is similar to a “go route” only toward the left corner of the end zone. The read on this side of the field is the “flat coverage guy”, CB1, who went back in coverage as CB covered 87 in the left flat. S1 “covered 80” on his route.

The play is a “play pass” (includes a run fake) : The FB goes to the right flat and the RB runs a route between where W and M lined up and stops there. Brett faked a handoff to the RB. Donald Lee (86) ran a “choice route” – his route depends upon the “leverage” of S. He ran a skinny post route (runs straight and then angles toward the goal post) but would have run a corner route (toward the right corner of the end zone) if S applied “inside leverage”, or didn’t allow 86 to get to the inside. B covered the FB in the right flat and M was influenced that way too. W covered the RB.

The tape showed a pretty good run fake. The FB was open in the right flat, he was at about the LOS when the ball was thrown and B was at least five yards off him. 80’s route started up the field but to the left a little and did end up near the left corner of the end zone. M covered 86 about 7-8 yards beyond the LOS. 86 got inside S but S1 did not cover 80, CB1 did. S1 didn’t really cover anyone but he was influenced toward 80 until it was too late. He was the player who delivered a hard hit on 86 right after he caught the ball. The protection was pretty good with the exception of RG Will Whitticker, who allowed the DT to get penetration on a bull rush and hit Favre after he released the ball.
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