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Monday, October 31, 2005

Brett Favre, At what point would we sit him and play Rodgers?

by LosAngelis

I'm a little bothered when people cite what Favre has done in the past and that he should never be benched.

I don't think that's right, or fair, or intelligent.

He should remain the starter because of the tangibles and intangibles he brings to the team. Yes, he's struggled at times, and like this past game, some inexplicable mistakes happen. But we've still never been blown out. And this is with massive injuries on both sides of the ball.

He gives us out best chance to win now. Look how beat up he got on Sunday...can you imagine Rodgers and his happy feet trying to evade those rushers? He'd be put on the IR today.

He still gave us our best chance, and gave every last ounce of strength he had to the very end. How many other players give that amount of heart for a losing team?

He provides leadership in a time where players showing leadership and the right way to play the game will become scarcer and scarcer, either because they are injured or are just giving up.

He will know when it is time to go. And I think it will be the end of this season, not because he cant' play, but because its time to move on and for us to begin our 10 years of losing football.

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