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Sunday, September 11, 2005

My thoughts on the game

by dictator of logic
For PackerChatters

Not a pretty game overall, and disappointing to all of us who have been waiting impatiently for the season to start, but this game does not doom us to a poor season. Here are a few of my thoughts.

Brett Favre played poorly today. He looked like he didn't know the offense. He constantly dumped the "safe" (ie ineffective) passes off to the backs/short routes. Any time Detroit blitzed, he didn't even attempt to read any hot routes, he merely chucked the ball up for grabs.

Ahman Green looked much better than I would have anticipated. He ran hard, held onto the ball, and displayed some good hands.

The playcalling was absolutely pathetic today. The running game was going well, the passing game was not, yet we continued to put it up. If that wasn't bad enough, the routes we ran were predictable and easy to defend. I still fail to understand why we seldom run routes where a receiver can catch it in stride and continue to run. The plethora of hook patterns that we run are making me sick.

Tony Fisher was not impressive in any aspect of the game today. While I like him, I'm thinking maybe cutting Walter Williams was a mistake.

Robert Ferguson needs to step up. I have been a big supporter of his for quite some time, but his play today looked uninspired. If the rumors of Walker's knee injury are true, our season's success may hinge on the play of #89.

Driver needed either a) more plays designed to get him open, or B) more passes thrown his way. He seems to be our consistent performer in key situations but was somewhat non-existant today.

The offensive line was not good, but not terrible. I'd give a grade of C-. The guards need to improve their pass blocking substantially. As far as their run blocking, it wasn't too bad, but it's difficult when all we run are slow developing counter plays with no quick hitting plays (which would be better suited to our line and our RB's in my opinion).

Our D line looked pretty good today, I was pleasantly suprised by their effort. Grady needs to get in better shape because we need him out there. He is still a difference maker at times. Cullen Jenkins looked very good today as well and should continue to get a bulk of the snaps at DT, not DE as many want him to play.

KGB played a solid game. He needs to develop more moves, but overall a good showing. Kampman was not too bad either, but also needs to develop some pass rush moves.

Our LB's did not make plays, plain and simple. Barnett seemed to be more effective in the new scheme, but too many of his tackles are still 5-8 yards downfield. I hope Diggs is ready soon.

DB's....a controversial area. I think Carroll may have been flagged for a few cheap ones, but you've gotta think he got away with a few too. He needs to learn to use his hands better. I thought that Joey Thomas looked far and away to be our best corner today. Mark Roman was all over the field. I thought he was our best overall player in the game. He tackled well, reacted quickly, and took good angles of pursuit. Al Harris played a quiet game, which usually is a pretty good thing if you are a CB. I must admit I didn't notice Collns too much either, not sure if that's good or bad. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt at this point.

Overall, I think most people can agree that the constant penalties likely cost us a shot at winning this game. Our offense was also quite anemic, and thus its production should also be noted as a significant factor in the loss. I think the coaching was not up to par today. We again failed to make any midgame adjustments to take advantage of the opponents weaknesses. I think the penalties can also be attributed in part to the coaching. Those in charge must make it clear that lazy technique and mental breakdowns will not be tolerated. This is not saying that the players are not to blame as well for penalties, they are actually more to blame than the coaches. Each and every individual must take it upon himself to be prepared and ready. We obviously did not do that tonight. The coaches then must step in when the players fail to take accountability for their own actions. We also did not do that tonight. In the long run, I think we will be fine, and our season will still be successful, however, I feel that this season will cause my blood pressure to fluctuate more than any other season has in recent years.
I appreciate your comments very much. As a non-viewer, with only Wayne and Larry to guide me, I need your detailed account to fill in the picture. Interestingly, Jakesdaddio in "Favre Failing?" took our QB to task for not seeing the open guys on short routes, and forcing the ball "deep into double coverage on Walker and Driver." There seems to be a discrepancy here.
The Pack always tries to take a shot downfield. To clear up the discrepancy, they chose the wrong time to go deep. (In my opinion) They would do it on 2nd and long, or third and long.

While third and long may make a bit more sense, moving the sticks is more important. Bubba was open almost all game for 15 to 20 yard routes. That keeps a drive alive. Brett chose the mostly covered long receiver. Force Detroit to comitt to the midle of the field, and the outside lanes should open up.

Second and long should be used to put yourself in a position to make a first down in short yardage. Bart Starr was a master at the long ball in short yardage situations. Take your shots, but not too often. You will become predictable. They wasted many drives trying to go for the "homerun"
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