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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Future, 2006 and beyond

by Bamapackerfan
For PackerChatters

We do not have the personnel to do anything this season. Thirteen years of winning football have finally caught up to us. At best we win a very weak division and lose our first playoff game.

I don't care what anyone says, we are rebuilding, and have been doing so since TT came on board. The lack of FA moves, and the moves to fix the cap, along with keeping young ball players instead of veterans for depth confirms that to me. It will take at least another couple of drafts to challenge for a divisional title (assuming we aren't the weakest division in the NFL).

Reckless is right about our personnel. We need players every where. We are going to need a completely new backfield, anywhere from 1-3 new starters on the OL, and a couple of quality DL. We may need another quality DB, as I don't think Harris will be around when ever this team regains it competiveness. The thing about a 3-4 is that it is easier to find LBs than quality DL, and you have a lot of potential special teams players. Even so, you've still got to have good ball players. And the secret to that is simply you have got to draft well. NE had a down year before its SB run and selected Seymour, who anchors the DL. I'd suggest that without him NE wouldn't have won three SBs and maybe not one. We are going to need a couple of drafts and hopefully hit on one.

To me, the key to MS is not the number of wins this year. It is how well he develops the young ball players on the team. If the young guys come along and play well at the end of the year, and seem to be developing, then TT I think will keep him. If the young guys are not developing we need some one else.

I'd like to see Rodgers start to play some, perhaps a series a half, and in any situation in which we are way behind or way ahead.
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