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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Favre Failing? Favre didn't play well

by jakesdaddio
For PackerChatters

I am a big supporter of Brett, and I often defend him. However, today made me very sad. Brett is not the same player as he was. He looked terrible. He had plenty of time, and often missed wide open Franks, or Ferguson, but instead went deep into double coverage to Walker and Driver. When they were on the goaline, Favre had a third and 2. He could've run for it, and at least stuck his nose in there for a first down, if not a TD. Instead, he threw a terrible ball into the corner of the end zone that could've been picked off. The next play, Sander drops the ball, and Longwell missed his FG. A TD there gives them all new confidence, and ties the game. Instead, nothing. Favre showed me his age there, and it may be time to hang it up after this season. Believe me, I appreciate everything he has ever done, but he seems to have lost that look that he's had in the past. I hope I am wrong, but after today, I am very worried. Without Walker, this team is in deep trouble! These next 2 years could be rebuilding drafts, not reloading.
"He had plenty of time, and often missed wide open Franks, or Ferguson, but instead went deep into double coverage to Walker and Driver."

I'm not sure what that means. Did he throw bad short passes or did he fail to see open receivers on short passes? As I listened to the game I kept wishing they would open things up and throw it deep more often. Sounds like when he did it was the wrong thing to do. Should all the passes have been short?

Detroit, in their worst seasons, have started well. Let's not make too much of this game. We aren't great, but we're not done yet either. The same can be said of Favre. And if we can trust the defense more than in the last couple years, that might lead to improvements in virtually every area. All the columnists were saying that Jones would have a big day, that we couldn't get it done up the middle. He was held to less than 100 yards, and some linemen stepped up. That might not be directly related to Favre, but it bodes well for the team.
Most of the comments are right on. We have to remember that we have a Hall of Fame quarterback on the downside of his career.

He made some bad decisions, but the whole offensive scheme for this game was off. They started well, throwing short passes, and mixing in effective if not break away runs. When they got behind they abandoned the whole thing. Also, there were times when they would get something going, only to have a penalty stop them. Can't blame Brett for that.

What we can blame him for is for not going for the TD or the first down on a wide open [lay. That is not the Brett of old, and it makes me wonder if we will ever see him again.
The guy is 35 years old so I don't expect him to run that much but the play down at the goal line only emphasizes his shortcomings. If Brett really wants to win, he should have run on that play. Hate to say this but take this play and the play from the Vicking playoff loss and you have to conclude that Brett wants to win only if he doesn't have to run the ball.
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