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Thursday, August 11, 2005

TT's first Packer draft impressive so far

by dabeene1
for PackerChatters

I have seen many people have said it here and there, but I thought it may be nice to make a topic post with a few highlights about how our draft prospects are doing.

Rodgers has been looking great in practice, although he had a set back in the scrimmage, he did pick apart the Bills D in the two earlier practices. He throws the ball with great force, I watched him in camp and his passes on more zip then Nall's (and Nall has a good arm himself) I would not be surprised to see Rodgers take over the number 2 spot some time in the year, or see Nall traded. Rodgers has been learning the offense at an alarming speed and has looked better then nall in practice..... and makes O'Sullivan look like the rookie.

T. Murphy had great minicamps. Although in training camp he has been slowed by injury. Making many tuff catches, he certainly made the best of his time with Walker out. He has been quick, strong and with good hands. He needs to work on his routes still, but he has a chance to beat out Chatman for number 4.

Nick Collins has been making many hard hits and knockin down passes. He has already caused a couple of fumbles and injuries in camp (including to himself). He has shown his ability which the Packers drafted him for. He is now working with the number 1 unit and is making a very strong push to start along side Roman. The only issue is how fast he learns the scheme, which was said to be his weak point but has shown that he has the ability to prove everybody wrong.

Marviel Underwood has had his ups and downs throughout training camp as most rookies usually do. He is expected to be a backup this year, but has shown enough promise that many think he will start within the next few seasons.

Brady Poppinga is another rookie that has been slowed by injury. He has been doing pretty well and many coaches liked what they saw from him before he was injuried. Hopfully we will see him shine in preseason. I have a good feeling bout this guy.

Michael Hawkins. What to say about Hawkins. He has been doing great throughout camp and will almost certianly be in at least the dime. I don't know if he will get a real shot at being a starter over Carrol or Thomas just because of the experience but Hawkins could be great. I was never a big fan of Horten, but I expect Hawkins to steal his spot on the roster. Hawkins may be a future starter for us but for now he strengthens our pass defense greatly.

Will Whitticker I saw him during training camp. During the drills with the rest of the O line he looked like one of the best. Will and Ruggy looked head and shoulders above the rest. I told my buddy by next week that Whittz would get a shot with the number 1's..... well it was less then a week lol. He looked stronger and bigger then the rest and he consistenly had control of his man. This guy is another guy that I would bet money on.

7 out of 11 draft pics have made major impacts in camp. Hopefully it will carry over through the rest of the season. When you get 7 guys out of a draft that are good football players you had a great draft. When 5 of those players look like they could be starters in the next year or two thats a great draft.

After seeing and hearing about these players, I would just like to give TT a pat on the back and a free cheeseburger. Hit me up TT!
Just a bit to add in defense to Nall. Rodgers is getting more opportunties to run with the first and second teams than Nall. The three's and others are not polished enough to run good routes.

You can try to say this aint so, but when it comes straight out of the locker room I tend to believe it.
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