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Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Transitional" Players

by LosAngelis
PackerChatters Staff

I like the Franks signing, because I see him as an important transitional player between the ending of the Favre era and the start of the Rodgers* era.

The end of the Favre era could be the end of this year, or more likely the end of 2006. Maybe further, but I doubt it.

I do not see Green as being as important of a transitional player. As much as I love him, three-four years from now, I don't see him being able to contribute as he has.

I see Walker and Fergie as important transitional players, but due to Driver's age, he may not be as key.

Obviously, Tauscher and Clifton probably factor into being an important transitional players, but Flanagan probably do not.

So, offensively, the players I would hope to see three years from now surrounding Rodgers* would be:


Not including Green, Davenport, or Fisher bothers me. Is this a need once Favre retires, or should one of these guys be considered important pieces of the future?

Obviously, we could make a list of such players on defense, but I was looking mostly at offense right now. Defense still seems to be in a bit of flux..hard to say who we would want three years from now, other than perhaps Barnett.

To me, the definition of a "transitional" player is a proven solid starter or contributor that is young enough to continue a high level of play over the next four years.

Just thought I'd throw it out.
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