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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quick Hits (some misses)

by Mark Beerman
PackerChatters Staff

The Family Night scrimmage opened my eyes a little bit in terms of QB play. For having an "average" arm as some journalists have put it, Aaron Rodgers has some zip on his passes (not to mention throwing some catchable balls). Time is on Rodgers' side and he'll play when he's ready. Another QB who got my attention, but played for the Bills, was J.P. Losman. The guy has an easy delivery and can find the open man. I haven't seen that sort of touch with a young quarterback in a long time.

Mike Hawkins might be raw, but he's starting to show some talent. It'll be interesting to see if he's in the nickel and dime packages, but he could push for legitimate playing time by 2006. Sure, we still have a few more weeks to evaluate him...but I think some NFL GM's will be kicking themselves for not gambling on Hawkins.

Speaking of gambling...I just saw Nick Collins is playing with the first-stringers. I know, it may not last...but this guy can level just about any receiver. You'd expect that from a strong safety, not a free safety. Maybe for all of those who called Collins a "major reach" will be eating their humble pie at the end of the season.

Was is just me or did Colin Cole play like Gilbert Brown the other night? No...don't call him "Gravedigger II", rather call him "snowplow" or "Plow King". I see a future for this guy...Patty saw some talent in this kid coming out of Iowa and I think it was well deserved.

And finally, I'm glad Javon Walker was bluffing on his holdout threat. I strongly believe Ted Thompson has no intention of ripping up Javon's contract. I do see at the end of the season that Thompson will negotiate a contract extension for Walker and there will be much more good will heading into the 2006 season.

Remember to have all of your fantasy football drafts "beer free". Nothing ruins a fantasy football season quicker than announcing you're taking Robert Ferguson in the third round because you believe Tom Silverstein's proclaimations. Never play the Packer favorite unless it's Javon Walker or Brett Favre.

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