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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Packers Training Camp Report

by 4IsTheMan
For PackerChatters

Just a few notes from my observations of the morning practice today. I'm a first timer for training camp so be kind.

Players that jumped out at me.

I would have to say Hawkins first. Looks like an incredible athlete. Made some real nice plays. I cannot imagine him not getting playing time this year. He could be a steal.

Corey Williams - looked real good and disrupted several plays. I think he takes the next step this year and will be a player.

I thought the OL looked pretty good, or is it that the DL is not good. Hard to tell

Davenport seemed to be slimmer and running well, but he was awful in pass blocking drills.

These practices would seem to be hard to evaluate but several players didn't impress. First, Donnell Washington. Huge and seemed to be athletic but really disappeared in some drills. Peterson didn't seem to do much. I saw Klemm holding and didn't seem as fast pulling as Wahle was. That said, he did pass block well. The linebackers did not impress me at all, none of them. The effort was there, but wow they just didn't seem to do anything. They were getting stoned in pass rushing against the running backs. They seemed to be scared of Luchey.

Coaching comments

Bates is all over coaching the players up. The linebackers seemed to have the best sessions. Very efficient and lots of coaching from Bates. No standing around.

Bates & Nunn lost it during a couple plays and were furious with the lineman. Very vocal.

Didn't seem the DB's drills were all that efficient and several players that were suited didn't participate in all the drills. Not sure what that was about. That said, there is a ton of speed in the DB's and I don't see how we cannot improve over last year.

This is all IMO and I don't think we will know anything until they go to real scrimmages/games.

It was a blast and Lambeau is wonderful. If you want to take any advice from this post, let it be that the meal I had at the Hall of Fame Grille was one of the worst two meals I have experienced in my life. Stay away, stay far, far away!
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