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Monday, August 01, 2005

Packers Training Camp Report

by Badgerzak
For PackerChatters

July 30th and 31st,2005

Hi Packer fans!!!(Went to Sat. PM and Sunday AM practice)

I have to agree with pretty much everything BPF says. I'll toss in some of my observances and try not to repeat too much of what he said.
-#36 That's Da Butla and I had a very hard time not thinking that. I did like ability Collins shows, but like the rest of these unknowns, it's that word POTENTIAL.
-Dendy was getting lots of attention. Shows PO. Early nickname The Croc.
-Impressed with Manning #54 which made me wonder why they never gave Josue a chance. Manning has nice size.
-As you can tell I put my focus on D. I really liked the drills these guys were going through. They were doing rip the ball drills, run back and excellerate toward the ball and jump type of drills, and tons of angles, angles, angles drills. Mr. Bates has his ideas and this guy is energy. You can hear him teaching, coaching, yelling at and complementing these guys. He got p'd at Navies for dropping a ball. He actually yelled at him saying "Catch the damn ball". He was working techinique with Carroll and he said hey, you aren't going to understand where this is going now, but you will. Man, I loved that stuff!!! During offense/defense drills there was a heck of a hit by believe it was Barnett or Diggs and he ran into the pile and smacked him on the helmet yelling that's the way to do it!!! In fact, he walked back over in ebnt over with hands on his knees in front of Brett who was on one knee and while the next play was being run ol' Brett smacked him on the arssss. I think Brett loved the intensity!
-My other notes: I thought McHugh was better than Steele, but...please one of these guys step up. Murphy, soft hands, ran the slot!!! Sorry, but Hunt was going through the motions during the no pad workout. I didn't see any hustle at all. Loved the intensity and hustle of #93 Seante Williams. Tall and looked to be quick. Could he line up as another KGB??? That'd be a nice touch! I liked Underwood's hands. Caught everything that was being tossed in the drills. I barely noticed Roman which isn't good.
-Chatman looked decent with quick moves, some nice grabs and this is coming from a guy that'd prefer a Murphy, Bragg, etc. step in to return punts/kicks.
-Marginal QB work as far as depth crat, but it's early and I focused a ton on D.
-enough for now, but will add thoughts as asked.
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