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Monday, August 01, 2005

Packers Training Camp Report

by BamaPackFan
For PackerChatters

July 29th, 2005

I was as at practice Friday afternoon. This was my first training camp visit and I am not an expert - just have fun cheering for the the Pack. Here's my impressions/observations.
- Hard to believe T. Murphy is a rookie. Interacted with the fans like a veteran, was really focused at practice.
- T. Murphy, J. Coston, and B. Benekos were great with the kids after practice. Coston may be a project, but he sure passes the eyeball test.
- J. Walker was a little tentative coming out to practice, but the fans were very supportive. He had an excellent practice, he is in good shape. JT O'Sullivan hit him just about full stride on the most beautiful play of the day. After practice, he had a great autograph session with the fans. He needed it, they needed it. Got to believe he will have another fine year for the Pack.
- D. Driver is the leader of a stable full of stallions at WR. As a group, they practiced well. Stark contrast to the TE situation - hardly anyone, wonder what the deal is on that. Steele sure played a lot. On one play, Martin split wide out and caught a nice short pass on the side line.
- R. Ferguson was a little quiet, did not engage the fans like Murphy or Walker. He looked really fit though, hope he has a big year and does not get lost in the shuffle.
- A. Green is a stud. He practiced with a high level of intensity, as did all the RBs. Either it's Green's example or E. Bennett's coaching, but that is another good group.
- QBs looked okay, but sure glad B. Favre is still here and we drafted A. Rogers.
- BJ Sander lauched some rockets, couldn't see how far they went though. Got to give him credit before practice. Some of the small kids couldn't get the players to ride their little bikes. BJ, being a good sport, took the smallest one and made that kid's day. The fans loved it. Truluck did the same thing. Those are the kind of things that make you pull for those guys to make the team.
- Did not see much of the OL, but I sure like S. Wells. A little short, but he seems smart, confident, and really hustles. Klemm and O'Dwyer left after practice together. Got their autographs, they seem to be happy as Packers.
- Watched C. Hunt closely. He did not seem to be dogging it. As frustrating as he can be, he is clearly has the best size/mobility package of the DTs. He came out to practice with G. Jackson - hope there is not a negative influence there. Nevertheless, got to believe he will be with the Pack this year.
- D. Washington is huge! He could make a difference this year.
- A. Kampman is bigger and more athletic in person. Glad he is a Packer.
- N. Barnett is a fan favorite, he has star-like qualities off the field. Hope he can do same on the field this year.
- J. Thomas was clearly better than A. Carroll at this practice. It was strange seeing #36 out there again, as well as "Freeman" on defense. (Used to be an A. Freeman fan until the big contract.) Underwood looks like he belongs in the NFL, but didn't see him that much. Roman has changed from #23 to #20 which I didn't know before practice.
- Coach Bates is just as advertised, constantly moving and talking.
- If you get to Lambeau, take the tour. It is worth every penny.
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