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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Go Bates and Company

by Tea
For PackerChatters

I would think Jim Bates and his coaches "hands on" enthusiastic coaching style would energize the players into taking ownership of their defensive performance. Barnett's comments about "unloading on someone" gives me indication that he was probably embarrassed and PO'd about the way the defensive unit performed last year.

Now the trick is for all defensive players to work hard both on and off the field, to learn and execute the schemes that have been so successful for Bates. JB has done nothing but encourage and inspire his troops according to reports and is giving everybody the respect they deserve as a person and a Packer defensive player. Who wouldn't want to respond to that !

I'm confident that anyone who doesn't will not see the field or will be cut from the organization. As far as the "tough comments" from any of the Packer defenders, talk is cheap, they'll have to "walk the talk" and it will be interesting to see if they turn it loose during the scrimmages with the Bills and in the preseason. Once the regular season starts, they need to be in top form from the first game!

Go Bates and Company!!!
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