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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Biggest needs 2006. I know it's early...but never too early

by bizarro
For PackerChatters

No need to address in draft (barring health)

I finally think we're getting a secondary! Well at least we seem to actually have 5 very decent athletes with great upside. Wow...who would have thought. Let's also not forget we have a young Freeman and a "not old" Roman who may prove us wrong.

Hawkins, Carroll, Thomas, Collins, Underwood (Will Chris Johnson ever run again?)

Dendy? Torrance? (PS?)

Anyhow...it feels darn good and none were acquired through FA! Well Collins via the McKenzie trade but you get the point.

We are absolutely set at WR! I mean seriously...

Walker, Driver, Ferguson, Chatman, Murphy, Bragg, Butler, Thurman, Jamal Jones
(Jones had a solid Europe on a team that featured Akili Smith...but he is a long long shot to make the roster)

That group is 5 deep right now and potentially 7 to 8 deep depending on the progress of Bragg, Butler, and Thurman.

Our Guards seem to be set. Boy and everyone was so worried when Rivera and Wahle left. Reugamer is having a hell of a camp. Herrion has big upside. O'dwyer and Klemm are very capable and then we have two very workable products in Whitacker and Coston. We're very very good right now.

Our center position is set! Flanny can usher in Wells who can benefit from a stolen gem in White! Goodness we are deep in certain areas. This situation relies entirely on health...if we have to let one of our Tackles go in FA we may be bringing in Bedell for Clifton and then drafting a backup fringe day 1 and 2. (Someone please chime in here)

Now it gets interesting and I'll keep this rather short to prevent extensive ramblings...here we go.

DAY 1:

Depending on what we do with Green, I really want us to take a running back in the 1st round. I think it's mandatory...Green is injured again right now, at least he is banged up, and though I'd love the extension (and even if he does get one) we need new blood in here. Davenport may progress this year, but he has been very injury prone and inconsistent, Fisher will remain our 3 (I believe) until he ages. I like Fisher in the mold of Henderson as a RB...reminds me of a poor man's Edgar Bennet. Anyhow I see this as mandatory because of so many ?'s

HOWEVER, if we extend Ahman I'd settle for a 2nd-3rd thrown here...but I'd say the next mandatory 1st rd need is a DT. I think it's glaringly obvious right now that that may be our most important deficiency on this team. We all knew it was possible (or at least many did...some?) Anyhow, here we are and Grady is out and po'd, Hunt is once again performing at TC (I question this...but I'll see it in the real but I think Bates has to like him right now) and we have Corey Williams. Then there's a hoopla of question marks. We really have no other choices...A definite need. Heck we may draft 2!

We need even more at LB. In a scheme that let's the LB thrive we certainly may need to attempt to upgrade here. This is a huge year for Barnett and Diggs for that matter. Can Thompson remain healthy? Is he an answer at all? Well if he isn't, we definitely need a WSLB. This need entirely depends on these few things:
1) Can Barnett rise to the challenge (huge huge need here)
2) Can Diggs stay healthy and have we already seen his best play?
3) Can Thompson regain his old form?
4) Can we get anything from Manning, Woodfin, Poppinga

So: RB and DT definitely first 1-3 rds. LB day 1 as well...and then I'd say OT, CB (never can have enough) and goodness we may need a punter!
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