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Monday, July 25, 2005

Who coaches the Packers in 2006?

by Tea
For PackerChatters

I think while there are many reasons to keep Mike Sherman as coach of the Packers, his job is indeed in jeopardy. While he has a great winning percentage and 3 straight NFL North division titles to his credit, this team is still terribly inconsistant and looks totally unprepared and unmotivated to play important games.

We can still go back to the 02 season where we had the opportunity to beat the Jets in the season finale, and to take control of home field advantage throughout the play-offs, and not only did we lose but we were embarrassed. Then we followed that with an absolute "stink bomb" against the Falcons which began the process of disarming the "Lambeau Mistique".

We followed that with a poor preseason in 03 in which we could barely generate an offense, then we opened the season with the "rededication of New Lambeau Field" with one of the most embarrassing performances ever played against the Vikings. Some of you may say "we didn't lose all that badly" but you really need to go back and look at that game to realize the score meant nothing compared to the way the Vikings dominated us that game.

After that we stunk at Arizona, collapsed against the Chiefs, dominated the Eagles 2x and still lost both contests. We "backed into the play-offs" given a miracle of the Vikings fatal collapse in the dessert and then we "choked" in Philly to end an extremely disappointing season.

Perhaps now with only one title and the related responsibilities, Mike Sherman can again become the head coach we all feel he has the potential to be. I personally believe that is what TT is waiting to evaluate. I don't think it's a forgone conclusion that Sherman is a lame duck coach, but if his team struggles with consistancy and looks as dismal as it did last season and at other times in his tenure, then I look for a change.

I'm not saying it's all Mike Sherman's fault but in sports today, the players seldom share the burden for the blame in the poor performance of the team. With the salary cap, we can't replace all the players so the quickest, easiest thing to do is try to find a new coach who can change the attitudes and committments of the players on the roster.

I am intriqued with Kirk Farentz from Iowa, if he would ever consider coaching in the NFL. He certainly has excelled during his time in Iowa City.
I would venture that Coaching in College is very, very different from Coaching in the NFL. Many Coaches have tried, including Steve Spurrier - and failed. The Players at the next level would have to respect the man first, then his coaching decisions second - otherwise.. he would also fail.
If Mike Sherman does not get a contract for next year, the next coach is probably on the staff - Jim Bates.

What he did in Miami last year as the interim head coach was very impressive to me. It is obvious that the weakness of the Packers is defense and that is his strength.

Another possibility (though remote) would be Mike Holmgren. There is a good chance he will be looking for a new job and the opportunity to mold a new QB and return to the site of his best success should have some allure.
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