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Friday, July 22, 2005

Team's gotta make a stand!

by LosAngelis
For PackerChatters

A year ago, I would have been adamantly against trading Walker. Team's gotta make a stand. I cheered Sherman on as he held his ground against McKenzie and Rosenhaus.

Then, we realized what a mistake we had made. McKenzie showed up, called the Packers bluff, and proceeded to become a detriment to the team in attitude and performance.

Incredibly classless. But effective.

In other words, as much as people say that the poor, innocent employee is at the mercy of the employer, and can be cut at any time, I'm guessing a client of Rosenhaus actually holds the upper hand.

A player is subject to being cut anytime. However, that player may sign a contract with another team after being cut. In other words, even Chris Akins has a job out there, as long as he performs well enough to earn a job somewhere. Just because a team cuts a player doesn't mean they are lining up for welfare checks.

However, MM showed us that there is NO way for the team to battle this kind of employee terrorism.

Renogotiate the contract, you end up with Grady and a dozen more people hiring Rosenhaus to get more money mid-contract.

Stand up to it, and eventually, the player will report (meaning the team is obligated to pay him his salary, regardless of effort), and if as classless as MM (and probably a Rosenhaus client) will fake injuries and dog it on the field until you force the team to accept less in trade.

Trade away, and you may get some value, but you communicate that any player that wants out of Green Bay just has to sit out, and soon, we'll have 6-7 players asking for a trade by not reporting.

Exactly what is the healthiest option...short term AND long term?

Here's the healthiest option. The owners need to sit down during those CBA talks and start developing some signing bonus language, that if by a player's option they have held out while under contract, the penalites come from the signing bonus and start coming off the cap. If a player is cut for holdout mid-contract, they can be cut and MUST repay the pro-rated signing bonus.

This is manipulation of the system by those without souls or conscience, but at least they know CPR.
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