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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Quick Hits (and misses)

by Mark Beerman
PackerChatters Staff

Maybe it's just me, but every year during the draft there seems to be some projected second round players who don't get drafted at all. Case-and-point for this year, Ernest Shazor. From everything I read, this guy was a lock to go in the second round. But some of those draft publications also pointed out that Shazor might be moved to LB because of his speed. Something yours truly is starting to think is that unless a player is a lock to go in the first round, that these players' draft spots hinge on their ability to play the position and fit within a certain scheme. I think with the emphasis on players being able to play early in their careers, teams are looking to see who best fits their schemes and not concern themselves over who the best available player is.

It is so nice to see Ted Thompson being proactive with signing draft picks. From what I've read just recently, the Bears and Dolphins are snoozing the summer away, waiting for Alex Smith's contract to be done by the Niners. Really, this shouldn't be happening in the NFL...for one reason, being in training camp is of the utmost importance. Not having x-amount of players in training camp because y-player hasn't signed equals the Niners pissing on everyone's parade. People, as well all know you piss on the Niners like you're R-Kelly at a nightclub. The Niners dictating the slotting is like letting monkeys negotiate world peace.

Something that really boils my nerves is people saying T.O. and Javon Walker's situations are completely different. The synopsis is T.O. is greedy and Javon just wants his fair share. Excuse me? Since when is a $75 million contract just his "fair share"? Better yet, how can a player not look greedy when asking for $75 million? Quite frankly, if I was Javon, I wouldn't start pissing off 99% of the fanbase with this "fair share" stuff. Crying pauper is one thing, doing it from your Florida mansion is quite another. To be honest, I really like Javon and his game. I just can't stand outrageous demands from one great season of service. I just hope Ted Thompson doesn't get lured into doing a contract renegotiation through the media.

Maybe it's just me, but everytime I hear a glowing recount on what Joey Thomas is doing, it brings tears to my eyes. Have we found the yin to Al Harris' yang? Is Pappa Sherman's little boy going to become a man? Because last I checked, Jim Bates was the friggin miracle worker with CB's (not to take anything away from Lionel Washington, but Bates' former players reads like a who's who of cornerbacks). If Joey Thomas is the next Patrick Surtain, that's one less problem in Packerland.

That does it for this month...sorry it was so short, but the Packers and everyone else aren't giving me anything to work with. If you're a Packer fan and live in the San Diego, CA area, drop me a line at revwhite92@hotmail.com. I'm always looking to meet new Packer fans, both male and female.

Until we rekindle the light and fight back the night, see ya's all later!
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