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Friday, July 15, 2005

Post-Favre world

by LosAngelis
For PackerChatters

Another thought I have on the matter is the post-Favre world. Our past draft, whether you believe it to be a success or a failure, has invested heavily in potential-heavy raw talent. When Favre does retire, especially if Rodgers has growing pains, our team is going to look very pedestrian when it comes to talent. It could easily grow and blossom, but I would assert that part of the reason Green is still here is to keep giving Favre the benefit of a feature back. Had Favre retired this past season, I think Green may have been shopped around. I've said before that Favre's return is a two-edged sword...the thought that we must keep trying for a championship with what we have instead of revamping now, with Favre's prohibitive salary.

My point is simply that getting a first (or more) for Green will be important for the rebuilding of the Packers. As PN said, he's an incredible back and to get nothing for his talent later on is going to be painful.

I like Green. A lot. He's tremendously talented. But you pick up any publication and there are very few that don't put Green Bay up there for the talent in our running back stable...three guys that can truly produce, including one who may soon be under consideration for Canton if he can continue another season or two of performance.

If we don't get a trade for Green, we may need to start looking at Davenport and Fisher for trade potential. Yes, you can never have too many running backs, as that position is very possibly the most injury prone position. But, preparing for the post-Favre Packers is going to be essential for the Packer brass...they will lose their icon and "face" of the organization, and if the team starts losing...well, we've already heard boos at Lambeau Field in a 10-6 season. The Packers have built up a tremendous fan base over the last 13 years or so, and many of us remember life before Wolf, Holmgren, and Favre.

Just thoughts.
I know one thing, I remember 2-14, and it wasn't pretty.
I don't remember 2-14, unless you mean Valentines Day. Sorry if it wasn't pretty. And I dont' see this team as one of the worst without Favre. They still have a great line, two pro bowl backs, a pro bowl tight end, a good to great receiving corps (when they are all signed [I mean available, they ARE all signed]). I remember 4-12 (a couple times). Packers are a better organization now.
I used to think that the presence of Brett Favre was worth 3 victories a season; but, now, when I look at it, it seems that without Mr. Favre, the Packers are one of the 5 worst teams in the league. Mr. Green would be lucky to get 1,000 yards, no matter how good the line may be (and they still have to prove their worth with the loss of 2 of the top guards in the game, when teams can stack the line constantly. And that doesn't even get into the fact that Green Bay has one of the worst defenses in Packer history. Without Mr. Favre, teams could jump out on the Packers early and just grind out the clock. With their current roster, minus Brett, this team would be lucky to be 4-12.
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