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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Must be nice to be an NFL GM...or is it?

by Lonewolf
For PackerChatters

I listen to local radio sports talk shows, and read
many of the posts on this board, and sometimes I wonder
why anybody in their right mind, and unlike some fans, I
believe Ted Thompson is in his right mind, would want to be
e a NFL GM, or how any of them can possibly meet fans'

First, fans want the GM to publicly disclose what he's doing,
and what he plans on doing. After all, the fans do
indirectly pay his salary, through actual attendance
and TV viewership. It would make them feel more secure
that the man in charge really has a pulse, that he's
awake and aware of the world around him, and even sc
the NFL free-agent and waiver lists from time to time.
All this, while somehow keeping other GMS around the
league in the dark as to what he's really going to do.

Fans hate GMs who show patience, who presumably are
more "reactive" than "proactive". They see player after
player, all of them potential Pro Bowlers or solid starters
in their mind, go off the draft board, free agent lists, or
see their teamwaiver wire, and then see their team end up
with the dregs of the NFL. Joe Who? George Whats-his name?
Never heard of them -- must be camp fodder. That's why this
team is going down the tubes, the guy in the GM chair
doesn't know what the hell he's doing! And if
the GM does deign to divulge why a certain player was signed,
the fans don't believe it -- he's just trying to justify
making a lousy choice.

Packer fans like to look at the "little picture". What
the hell are we going to do about Javon Walker? Grady Jackson?
Bubba Franks? What do you mean, nothing, that their are
actually 53 people on the roster who get paid? But these
guys are the CORNERSTONES of your franchise -- this team
can't possibly win without them! Pay them, and get their
asses in camp! Of course, TT, be careful with the cap in
the future, too! We don't want the salary-cap hell we supposedly
went through this year! (Of course, if you'd been a true
NFL GM, you'd have made the proper, proactive moves to alleviate
our cap problems!) But let's worry about next year
when it comes. Let's do all we can to win NOW -- Brett's
not going to be here forever!

And it goes without sayin that TT is somehow going to have to
be some sort of a magician. Sure, the fans say, it's a
"fixed pie", but (wink-wink) contracts are adjusted all
the time! So John Doe will have to "forfeit" some of his
potential salary so Javon Walker can get his. Some rotational
lineman gets minimum salary so Grady Jackson, also basically
a rotational guy when you think about it, can get what he
feels he deserves. A GM has to be able to rob Peter to pay
Paul! He has to be able to perform the old "hidden ball" trick
with the team's budget! Hey, TT, you're getting paid the big
bucks, so perform your magic!

Nope, I wouldn't want this job. I'm glad TT has it, he's the
one that has to deal with the issues. He has to be part
magician, part juggler, part crooked accountant, and above all,
part manager of a Super Bowl franchise. Maybe TT isn't the
guy. Who is? Not me! I can be a fan, and analyze from afar,
without assuming any of the responsibility!

Just this fan's "view"....
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