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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Holdouts: You can't have it both ways.

by Faede
PackerChatters Staff

If your going to take a hardline on holdouts, you better damn well reward those that are doing it right.

Bubba Franks did it right. Ahman Green is doing it right.

You can't just throw them by the wayside and then throw a tantrum when suddenly guys like Walker and Jackson decide to get cranky and try to squeeze more money out of the team.

Ahman Green is 28. His first two years in the league, he had just over 60 carries... total. He works his butt off. He's a down to earth guy. Midwest through and through. And for some silly reason, fans don't want to pony up to pay the guy.

Well, I'll say this. Ahman has 5 seasons with 250+ carries. He'll be 29 AFTER this season is over.

Edgerrin James has more then 300 more carries then Ahman.

Warrick Dunn has 170ish more.

Shawn Alexander has 181 less carries, about 2/3 of ONE season.

Corey Dillon has over 700 more carries. When Dillon hit the mark that Green is at, he still had 4 productive seasons after, 3 out of 4 of those seasons he went for 1300+ yards.

Ladanian Tomlinson has about 200 less carries then Ahman... less then a full season worth of carries.

Tiki Barber, about the same number of carries, but 2 years older.

Marshall Faulk hit the amount of carries Ahman early in his 6th year. That year and the following 2 years he went for 1300+ yards. In his fourth year after he nearly had 1000 yards despite missing 6 games.

Eddie George was abused in his early years. He MASSIVE carries. Still. He hit Ahman's mark about midway through his 5th year. That year he went for 1509, then was over 1k 3 out of the next 4 seasons. And if there was a runner who took more abuse per carry in the league, I don't know of him.

Curtis Martin hit 1500 midway through his 5th season. He went for 1400+ yards that season, then 1204, 1513, 1097, 1308, 1697.

Jerome Bettis? Priest Holmes (though his number of carries is about even to Ahman, he's just much older).

Hell, before he went psycho last season, Ricky Williams came into the season with 1589 carries, more the Ahman.

Payton, Sanders, Emmitt, Allen... modern era (longer season) tailbacks that went over 3k carries.. and were productive WELL past 1500.

Even non-hall of famer types who stayed relatively healthy put up productive carries WELL past 1500.. Ricky Watters, Thurman Thomas, Riggins.

Look at a guy like Dickerson, who had several good seasons after 1500 carries despite chronic injury problems.

Despite the crazy talk, talented running backs do not grow on trees. Ahman Green is still young, he's still got a lot of carries in him, and he's been relatively major injury free (knock on wood) throughout his career. He takes great care of himself. He doesn't complain. The guy deserves an extension, pure and simple. He does it "the right way".

If we don't give him the money, our GM is just a hypocrite, because he's hardlining the malcontents, but he's not rewarding solid, productive players that deserve contracts.

Ahman Green deserves an extension. Get it going now. The sooner, the better.
TT may not give A. Green an extension. It all depends on what he does this year. I like A. Green, I do think he is a GOOD running back. But, I HATE the fumbles!!! Depending on what Davenport does this year, what our draft position is and what running backs are FA's after the season will all play into TT's decision to hold onto A. Green.
Correct, however, I feel it would be a great thing to reward Ahman early on here as well. He is not going to mysteriously drop in production unless he suffers a major injury. He had only 1163 yards last season, but he was also MIA quite a bit. He may have started some of those games, but then was taken out for precautionary reasons or given extra rest. He still managed to pull off another 90+ yard run, which makes him and Bo Jackson the only backs ever to make it to that club, and if you think he has lost anything go back and look at some game tape of him and just watch as he gets into the "D" backfield. Talk about having another gear, Roy Williams had an angle in the Dallas game, but I believe the word here is "briefly". Pay him now, before he signs with Rosenhaus, show that you reward the "good guys" and you will get players talking about how maybe signed with Drew isn't such a good idea after all.
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