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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Grady Jackson...my two cents

by Mark Quarderer
PackerChatters Staff

I'd been worried about this. I knew that Grady was underpaid, especially in comparison to Hunt and KGB. I knew that Grady knew he was underpaid.

And I knew that Grady was not the kind of guy to just sit there and take it. He didn't wear out his welcome in Oakland and New Orleans by being an amiable fellow who takes the bad with the good.

So now he is planning on holding out of training camp unless we strike a new deal.......

Here's my two cents..

Grady is 32. He played in about 38% of our defensive snaps. He's our best run defender. We really don't have anybody behind him who has proven he can play in the NFL.

If Jackson holds out of training camp, I really wonder what kind of shape we could expect him to be in. I really wonder if his body would hold up for the season or if he'd miss considerable time with injury, or if injuries would slow him down and make him less effective.

I think that this, again, goes to the whole Rebuilding/reloading thing. If you're reloading, you'd try to keep Grady around for a couple of years....he is, after all, your best defensive lineman in many respects. If you're rebuilding, however, why would you make a future financial commitment to a guy who is 32, has a bad body, and has signed with Rodenthouse?

We don't know what else we have at tackle. Washington, Lee, and Williams are guys high on promise and potential but collectively they haven't done nearly as much as Grady.

How serious is a holdout by Grady? He'd be giving up the better part of a million dollars to sit out this season. Next year, he'd be 33 and away from football for a year. Plus, and this is a question, doesn't he still owe the Packers a year if he sits out this year?

This is another area where I expect TT to stand firm. I just don't see him renegotiating Grady's contract under threat of a holdout.
Totally agree! I just don't see business and industry "caving in" to demands by employees who are in 99% of the cases, expendable. Sure short-term performance may suffer until organizations can reorganize and recover, but in so many cases, the organization becomes stronger because of dealing with adversity. And in many cases, the employee who thought they were invaluable, they go on to suffer setback and failure.
The points Mark makes about Grady's age, health and body condition are all right on. Grady hasn't been the kind of guy who has ever strived to get himself into "tip top" shape, thus making himself a more attractive package to a future perspective employer.

We should be prepared for "life after Grady" sooner than we expected.
As has been pointed out on profootballtalk.com, the collective bargaining agreement PREVENTS the Packers from giving Grady Jackson a pay raise even if they wanted to, because of the signing bonus he received (and forgets to take into account when he talks about being "underpaid").
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