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Friday, July 29, 2005

Grady Jackson: A few misconceptions

by Ricky
For PackerChatters

A few misconceptions must be exploited here.

First, when Jackson was cut by New Orleans during the season, the Packers, along with three or four other teams, put claims on him (can I name the other teams? No, this is just going on memory). The Packers were rewarded Jackson because, of the teams that wanted him, they had the worst record (I believe it was 1-4, including that disgusting loss to KC). Jackson comes in, the season turns around, they make it to the NFC championship game- and the rest is too painful to discuss.

Last year, the Packers suffered mightily when Jackson was injured, and were much better were improved significantly when he was on defense. Now, with many people saying he is the most important defensive player on the team (any arguments here? I'll listen to KGB, maybe Barnett, and definitely Harris- but who else was a difference maker for the Packers?) the Packers say, "Ho-hum, who cares". We should.

What Green is to the offense, Jackson is to the defense- there is a significant drop-off when he isn't playing. He might get hurt? Sure- but you can say that about every player. He's made it clear he wants to stay in Green Bay, but he wants more money, because he is a valuable player. Pay him. Or give me a viable, proven alternative to him- and, although I definitely advocate allowing him into camp, I don't for a second believe he could be the same player Jackson was last year.

Bottom line: you want a successful season, sign Jackson (yes, he's that important). If not- don't blame Bates when the defense stinks; blame yourselves and your adamant refusal to pay players that are needed.
The Packers cannot renogotiate Grady's contract, they already did it earlier this year, and per the CBA, a player cannot renogotiate twice in the same year.

The first time they redid his contract, it was to advance him $65,000 of his yearly pay.

So Grady does not have a leg to stand on here, and I think his agent should have dug a little further before letting Grady open his pie-hole, lest he is just putting pies in it...
Right-Grady just ran out of money and is desperate. He cant get a raise from GB, so he's asking to be cut or traded. While he's very valuable when healthy, he's out of shape, often injured and too fat.
He has no bargaining leverage, and my guess is that if they feel they can get by with the young guys, they will get whatever they can in trade (or just cut him) and get his aging fanny out of the locker room. Cletidus might be able to get a 2-fer on a bus ticket out of town. These guys are too hi maintenance and a new GM may want to use these slobs to show the team there's a new marshall in town
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