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Thursday, June 02, 2005

What to do with Cletidus Hunt!

by sarafar
For PackerChatters

I think they will be DESPERATE after this minicamp. I mean when you seriously look at the stats MSJ is putting out and calling this the worst pass defense in Packer history it puts it into perspective. Further, now they have to deal with Hunt. They have only two choices in my view. Either do something, or pray the offense carries the team. I think that is dubious and this Hunt thing is exaclty what occurs when a team tanks. Hunt, Harris, Davenport, Green, Walker and the beat goes on. If they can trade Hunt, nows the time even at a reduced value. If he can't be traded, he needs to be released. Let me say this clearly, absent the very rare, life changing, attitude altering change, Hunt is the worst form of cancer a team can have. Hunt is making a joke of the organization. The foreshadowing occuring in MSJ is good. Good for them. This is serious serious stuff. Hunt has been given every conceivable opportunity and he has spit in their face. It has moved to the open disdain and impacting of the team. For the good of the organization he needs to go. Oh I'm sure he'll have the requisite excuses, but he has no reason to change if they refuse to give him one. Discipline to Hunt will do wonders and send the right message. Frankly, I think we are in a lot of trouble and there is a clear lack of institutional control that reflects on Harlan, Thompson and Sherman. The first step to righting the ship, is the correct and honorable dismissal of Hunt.
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