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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Quick Hits (and misses)

by Mark Beerman
PackerChatters Staff

Many Packer fans ask themselves "Will Cletidus Hunt ever get it?" But that's sounding more and more like a rhetorical question. I have a much better question...which one of our young DT's will straight-up take Hunt's job from him? Come on Corey Williams and Donnell Washington...no Whamie, no Whamie, no Whamie...STOP!

It's nice to see Aaron Rodgers awe-struck by Brett Favre. Not many rookies, especially QB's, have a mentor like Brett. They come in thinking they're the top-dog and this is their team. The Packers will not be Rodgers' team until he wins a game by himself...no Favre attached. Then again, who is to say on that day that Brett won't be awe-struck by his own teachings?

I'm sure many of you know what an ambulence-chasing lawyer is. But I never thought I'd see the day when an NFL player was chasing police sirens. That is the case for Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins. Never have I seen such a talented player find his way onto the police blotter on a regular basis. I've heard Taylor is trying to get his contract re-worked. Maybe the Redskins should give him $2 million just to take lessons on being a good person. We're talking about the Redskins though...what are the odds of them doing anything significant in the next three seasons?

I want to bid a fond farewell to Red "The Enabler" McCombs. I doubt he will be missed by his peers. From the moment he bought the Vikings, he tried to sell them. I know McDumbie turned a blind-eye to Moss' shenanigans, but he had to finally cut the tumor loose or have a new owner inherit a civil war. This should be a word of warning to any businessman who wants to turn a football team into a capital investment. Know what you're doing and surround yourself with great football personnel. Don't treat a team, its fans and the city it's in like it is another investment.

I know my fellow Packers fans love brats, but please...during this summer season give the cheddarwurst a shot. A brat stuffed with cheese is a great thing. I salute you, the people who stuff sausages with tasty cheeses!

If you're down and have a frown, just get a Bill Murray movie. It's the only anti-depressant that costs $2.99.

Remember, fantasy football and other pre-season NFL magazines are on the way. Just tell yourself, "the offseason is almost over, less than two months to go".

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