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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Needs with flexibility!

by Mark Quarderer
PackerChatters Staff

We have some real needs at corner....and we have some areas of flexibility.

Let's start with the assumption we'll carry 9DBs.....which is what we've carried in past years.

Harris is definitely going to start at one corner.
I think it'll be either Thomas or Carroll at the other, and my money is on Thomas.

At safety, it's starting to sound like Freeman will be one starter, and the other will be either Collins or Little. Little is a vet and Collins is a better athlete, so we could see a situation where Little starts in the beginning of the season and Collins towards the end.

By all reports, Underwood needs some work and he'll be strictly a backup/special teams guy this year unless he's pressed into duty.


That's 7.

I think we should keep Roman and move him to corner, where he played when he first came into the league. He could be our nickel back.

That would leave one more spot for Dendy, Horton, and Johnson. If Johnson can't stay completely healthy through training camp I think it's time to part ways with him. So essentially, I think it comes down to Dendy or Horton. I could be wrong but I believe either of them could be placed on the practice squad, so one might make the 53 and the other might be placed on the PS.

And Carroll's #1 draft choice status...as well as the contract it includes....is a factor in deciding who makes the team and how much of an opportunity he gets in practice, but ultimately if he's being outperformed by somebody else then the coaches aren't going to play him just because he was drafted higher.

A higher draft choice maybe gets the benefit of the doubt and more opportunities in practice, but ultimately he's got to show he was worth the pick that took him.

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