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Saturday, June 11, 2005

: Dear Ted Thompson....

by Mark Quarderer
PackerChatters Staff

You've done a fine job stocking the shelves since your arrival and in restoring a little bit of health to our salary cap, but there are a few pieces of business that I wish you'd take care of prior to our training camp opening up in about 6 weeks.

Sign the deal with Bubba. Something that'll keep him a Packer for another four or five years. He blocks, never misses games, catches what comes his way, keeps his mouth shut, and contributes.

If we can get Simmons we need to do that. When Raynoch Thompson got injured in the second minicamp, our first team defense lined up with Barnett-Navies-Diggs. This is the exact same group that created one more turnover than a dead man last year. We need some help here, Ted.

Move Roman to corner. He's played there before and we have a problem at corner right now because Hwy 28 doesn't seem like he's going to be a guy we can count on. You can start Harris and Thomas, but you still need some backups, and right now our backup situation is pretty bare. So I'd move Roman to corner and have him be our nickel back. Start Little and Freeman at safety and Harris and Thomas at the corner.

Cut Cletidus Hunt. Just get rid of him; he isn't worth the baloney associated with him. Just cut him. Take out the trash and clean up the kitchen.

There's been some speculation that you intend to acquire the defensive lineman from SoCal, Manuel White, in the supplemental draft. If you can get this guy in the 2nd round, do it. Good defenses have good players on the defensive line and this guy could be a good player for us. Since we draft so late every round, we aren't going to get shots at good defensive lineman at the end of the second round most years unless we want to reach for projects. So yeah, I'd definitely move on Manny White.

Hold the line on Javon Walker. We'll miss him, yes, but we'll manage with Driver, Ferguson, Chatman, Murphy and Butler/Bragg if need be.

These are just my helpful selections, TT.

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