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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What did the Packers get?

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

One of the best coaches I ever met once told me that you can only do so much coaching and if the player does not get it in his mind or his heart then forget it he will not improve.

We got a lot of speed and athleticism out of this draft but most of these players lack the intangibles or smarts or instincts. There can be only so much coaching before you get to the point where it is the player who has to do it.

Pro Bowlers in this group??? I am laughing right now. Not now we do not.

Collins is not as "dumb" as depicted by the media and the Packers spent time finding this out. But he does have difficulty in route designation and integrity. He can get turned around and completely fooled by not even great fakes right now. Speed and athleticism he has but the intangibles are lacking or not evident on the surface.

Underwood forget about him for awhile. This guy gets lost about half the time and a simple head fake gets him to bite. The Packers have their work cut out with this guy if they expect him to start. He does have speed and athleticism and those things cannot be taught. But the huge knock on him predraft was no instincts for the position.

Poppinga does have the intangibles to go along with above average speed. But he comes with innjury concerns and on some teams boards a lot of questions. Not sure here as well.

Hawkins might be the closest thing to having everything there to coach into a Pro Bowl player. Still there is a lot of work ahead with this athlete.

I believe what we did obtain was speed and athleticism with the hopes of finding a coupole of players. Sort of throw the dart at the board and hope you hit a couple of balloons.

Thompson could have gone the safe route and selected premium players that might never be great but would give you 100% and give you a good solid performance. But he rolled the dice and took chances with faster and quicker athletes with the hopes that these guys with better and more concise coaching would develop further and become better than just solid good players.

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