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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sherman or Slowik to blame?

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

I think you have to lay the blame on Sherman for some of it and Slowik for the majority part.

I once worked in a factory where we had a manager who was a good manager of people and yet was undermined by an employee (a foreman) who had the main boss ear. This undermining led to some problems and it blew up in the face for everyone.

I wonder hpow many times Slowik talked with Sherman about things and was told that it was being taken care of? We will never know

Slowik in my thinking should have demanded Sherman to correct the issues that were biting and defeating. Slowik should have demanded total adherence from the assistant coaches and not the lip service he was getting.

But the coaching or lack of continuity within it was only a part of the whole problem. I listed 7 things and probably could have listed 5 to 7 more things

I really questioned the hiring of Shottenheimer and posted my fears that he and Slowik would knock heads on how to do things.

I thought Franklin needed replaced after the 2003 season.

I still say the poor play of the LB's - insufficient pass rush (when we really needed a pass rush we got nothing) and the injury to key players hurt Slowik's schemes.

As for tackling and such I read an article by one of the writers who said the Packers last year spent more time working on fundamentals and tackling and positioning than he had ever seen in the past 10 years.

Ultimately it falls on Sherman's shoulders. The buck stops with him. But the responsibility falls on SLowik in my thinking because he was too passive in his complaint - The blame was the underlings as you call them but that could have easily been diffused.

A head coach's two most important hires are his coordinators. He has to give them 100% assurance that he backs them. When you work all week on a game plan and everyone feels good about it you cannot listen to one of the assistant coaches on Saturday and throw the game plan away come game day.

You get confused players who do not know what in the hell is happening and they blow assignments and coverages because of it. You get solid players making mistakes and looking like 9th graders trying to play senior in high school football.

Here is something to think about. Mike Sherman I believe, learned a hard lesson. Do you think for a moment that he will allow Joe Baker to usurp Jim Bates? Do you think come Sunday morning SHerman will tell Jim Bates that the defense schemes for the game (that they worked on all week) are not going to be used and instead the team is going to do something else?

A hodge podge thrown together game plan where the coaching staff had no clue and the players were confused most of the time.

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