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Monday, April 18, 2005

Ted Thompson, The Whole Plan

by The Bogwon
For PackerChatters

Dear Ted Thompson;

Being that this is your first year driving the Packer bus I thought I would help you out by laying out the correct plan of attack. Don’t be mislead by other wizards plans, just follow my instructions to the letter and everything will be fine.

QB – The smart thing to do is… nothing, until after Farve retires. (I believe Farve will play 2 more years if healthy… he’s too close to Marino’s records and his competitive drive will keep him in hot pursuit) With Farve being a legacy guy and all, he is the one player that Ted Thompson cannot replace until he decides to retire. The first year that Farve is not here we run Nall out on the field. Nall either turns out to be decent enough to win with or we lose all of our games and end up with a very high first rd. pick in the following years draft. At that time we draft the prime time QB prospect. In the mean time we keep/get the rest of the cupboard well stocked.
If the Packers had drafted a first rd. QB the first year that people said, “It’s time to draft Farves replacement” that player would be a six-year veteran this year and would have already left in free agency.

RB – The stable is still full. Do nothing until necessary.

OL – As long as we have Larry Beightol we don’t need to spend a top pick on OL. Larry is the best OL coach in the game; he can make caviar out of rabbit droppings. We do need to pick a guard and a tackle in the mid to late rds for future development, as I believe the two guards we signed in the off-season are only short-term solutions.

WR – Pick up a free agent after June 1st to become the fourth receiver.

TE – Cut David Martin ASAP and sign a free agent backup after June 1st. Sign Bubba to a 1 yr deal.

DL – Either move Hunt to power end or cut him after June 1st. If Hunt doesn’t cut it at end, go with Cory Williams. Williams will be at least as good as Kampman if he plays full time. Line up Washington and Jackson at the DT positions. As long as they are healthy you won’t run up the middle on that pair and they can push the pocket. We are stuck with KGB for two more years on the right side. Having Barnett move to the weak side will help KGB immensely. Do not draft DL, we have the players, some of them just need to be moved to different positions on the line. The new D-line coach should also help this group; Jethro Franklin just never impressed me.

LB – Move Barnett to weak side. Move Diggs to strong side. Draft a MLB

S – Draft a SS. We now have enough contenders for the FS spot

CB – Carroll and Thomas will be much improved this year.

P – Time to live or die with Sander.

K – We’re fine.

Remember, the way the NFL is set up now days you need to draft for need.

Here are the correct people to draft with the realistic expectations that they will be available with the particular pick.

First, I propose a trade. Trade picks # 58 and # 89 to the New York Giants for their pick # 43 (This is based on the fair value trade chart)
Second, let Kampman go and take the Vikings 5th rd pick # 145.

1st rd # 24 – MLB – Barrett Ruud (Philadelphia or New England will take him later in the first rd so we can’t trade down… This is the one player that will make our draft… I’ve heard him be called “the white Ray Lewis”)

2nd rd # 43 – SS – Ernest Shazor (This guy has OLB size and WR speed. I don’t believe he would have lasted until # 51)

2nd rd # 51 – This is the one pick where we can take the best available player. Even if it’s a QB!!!

4th rd # 125 – G – Adam Snyder – Oregon (One year with Beightol and he will be good to go)

5th rd # 143 – OT – Calvin Armstrong – Washington State (One year with Beightol and he will be good to go)

5th rd # 145 – OLB – Roger Cooper – Montana St. (He’s a small school Barrett Ruud)

6th rd # 180 – FS – Jim Leonhard – Wisconsin (If he’s still here at this point grab him, he might be short but he’s a player)

There… we now have the best linebacker group in the league, our secondary is a strong point and the offensive line has depth with future starters. If Charlie Frye is available at # 51 and he happens to be the best player available, heck, I guess we have our Farve replacement too.

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