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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wish List and Other Musings

by LR
For PackerChatters

Been a while since I've posted, but unlike others that have stood and watched from the sidelines (I'm looking in your general direction, TT), it hasn't hurt our team's chances...

Thought it might help pass the time and frustration of all the standing pat the Packers have been doing if we compiled a wish list of all the remaining FA's and struck them off as they signed with other teams. Additions and notations are not only welcome, but hoped for, as I haven't seen every game these guys have played all their careers. If I've missed any of these guys signing with other teams, don't jump down my throat.

Targeting the weakest areas...
Safety - Obviously, Will Demps from the Ravens intrigues me. Good run stuffer from what I remember, played in a turnover-hungry defence, and is one of those guys who has proved naysayers wrong again and again throughout not only college, but in the pros. With so much cap room in Baltimore divvied out to Mason and now Rolle, maybe there isn't enough in the budget to match whatever offer we put on the table. Anyone have thoughts on Lamont Thompson from the Titans? A top safety from the 2002 draft, and a fellow dreadlocker to match with Harris. Also, what about Chris Hope and Ifanyi Ohalete from last year's SS sweepstakes, many here seemed super high on both of them, and both have still floundered in the past year. Could either blossom here?

**BTW, I've thought about the current depth at safety, and I think now that the big boom in FA is coming to a close, if we release Sharper, he'll find that the cash he's looking for has dried up considerably, and we'll be able to sign him to a short-term contract loaded with incentives. That should insure us in the short term, and consequently close off the FS position. Carroll to SS? No dice. Too small, and lots of DB's get toasted their first year. He'll come around. Thomas to SS? Possible, he can make a hit and strip, and he's big enough. Is he willing? He better damned well be, or he can play dime and sit on the bench.

Linebacker - Top choices on my list have to be Ed Hartwell or Tommy Polley, followed closely by Will Witherspoon. I think too much is being made of the lack of quality FA's here. I thought when we drafted him that Barnett's ideal position would be at outside linebacker, either in a 3-4 or at weakside, and Diggs doesn't have the footspeed to play well at weakside (better suited to strongside). So really, we need a big tackling machine at MLB to hold down the fort, that's all. On the topic of a 3-4, assuming we give Torrance Marshall one more chance (after his other last chances), wouldn't you love to see him outside in a Bates-coached 3-4? "Just rush the passer on every play, Torrie. Don't think, just try to knock the snot out of him." He's smart enough for that, right?

Defensive End - Lean pickin's here, to be sure. I don't mind the idea of Derrick Burgess, but what bothers me is how he was invisible for so long, and only came on in the playoffs. Alex Brown from the Bears, anyone? They've spent a lot of coin thus far, and a cap dollar isn't made of elastic. He can sure rush the passer, and he likes to get his nose dirty against the run from what I remember. Resign Kampmann, I maintain. He may not be pretty, but he gets the job done and this is a blue-collar town that appreciates a grinder.

Guard - Demulling or Coleman I can't disagree with, or even Garza. I'd maintain that we only need one, as Flanny can slide all around the line, and if Barry is stupid enough not to grab the chance to start with the departure of Wahle and Rivera, I don't want him around at all. Wells seems like the best bargain we unearthed in the late rounds since Tauscher. Curtin, consequently, has been the worst.

Quarterback - Granted, not really a position of need (please, dear God, I hope not), but I just like Mike McMahon, and with all the rumors about Garcia going to the Lions and with all the red-headed stepchild treatment he's received competing against the golden boy Harrington, I'd love to see him jump ship from the Lions and come over here to learn from a legend that shares a lot of the same traits and style.

One more thought...
Jue leaving for the Chargers makes me a happy camper. Never really liked his style, even when he started playing better down the stretch. He wouldn't come up to make the hit in run coverage, and when he got his hands on an interception, it was as if the ball had a venereal disease he didn't want to catch. Good riddance. Another failed experiment, Sherm.

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