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Friday, March 04, 2005

Thompson is doing this the RIGHT way

by Rev White
For PackerChatters

I'm sure all of you have seen the contracts Wahle and Rivera have received. Wahle might have been worth that money here, but it would have come at another expense (player(s), future cap problems, injury). At some point, Thompson realized he couldn't pay all of his O-Linemen top dollar. At some point this group would be broken up. Thompson does have a plan and I'll assume it won't be half-assed.

Wahle got top dollar, but Rivera's deal is insane. Dallas is paying top dollar for two older free agents and a DB who is shaky at best. If Jerruh Jones wants to do this, it's damn fine with me. The Cowboys' future cap will be charged with so much dead money that it'll make what we've experienced look like a cake-walk.

Teams are throwing away money at free agents...not investing it. I'd rather Thompson build this team shrewdly through the draft with modest free agent gains than to throw money at players and pretend that his team will be magically better because of it.

Quite simply, Ted Thompson didn't feel the urge to be a free-spending, crazed and reckless egotist just to satisfy the fanbase. Thompson has a plan, a plan I see now and for the future. Thompson wants to build a winner by being the smart man on the totem pole.

I applaude Thompson's decision to stand firm and take whatever blows come. He has to think about not only the here-and-now, but what the future Green Bay Packers looks like. Ted Thompson did the hard thing, but it was the right thing to do.

Let these free-spending GM's smile now, because we'll see them with a lot of frowns sometime in August.

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