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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Guys with heart you can't help but want on your team.

by Faede
For PackerChatters

Looking through the prospects, there's one thing that really stood out to me about the players this season.

There's a ton of heart.

Going through that list, I think the Packers will have a great shot at picking up some quality individuals, with heart, character and smarts.

Just off the top of my head, I think these guys would be tremendous football players the packers would have a good shot at getting. And moreso, guys you will NEVER have locker room issues with.

Matt Roth DE - fiery, gives 1000%, not to mention very possibly insane (in a good way)

David Pollack DE - not fast enough, not tall enough, not heavy enough... yet still all world.

Demarcus Ware DE - Another kid I love. He's too small, he's from Troy. Big deal. This guy made himself into a football player. He worked himself from a 150 pound receiver into a 255 pound DE. Nobody wanted him, Troy took a chance on him and he showed them he was worth it. I read a report on his character and work ethic and it's just top notch. To quote "No matter how hard you try, you can not find anyone saying anything bad about this kid".

Robert McCune LB - fast, huge and driven. The guy is older for a rookie, but you have to love that desire.

Kirk Morrison LB - Another guy who you just love. A leader. Does everything right. Small school, but, has a ton of talent and two tons of desire.

Sean Considine S - You know, for a solid safety who does everything right, runs 4.5 and has every ounce of football passion you want in a player.. this guy gets NO pub. Could possibly be my favorite safety in this draft.

Charlie Frye QB - The guy is a competitor. He'll have critics, but would you bet against him? No way. Played with injuries left and right.

Kyle Orton QB - another leader. He faded in the end of last year, but, didn't complain or step the motor back one inch, despite, from reports.. an injury that was much more serious then he let on. He's got a great arm, yet seems to be fading. I've no doubt that he is the type that won't allow himself to fail in the NFL. I like those kinda guys.

Adrian McPherson QB - Yeah, I know there's a lot on him. But I practically started this bandwagon around here. I love guys who take adversity, fess up, move on and learn from it. He's worked hard, very hard to get to this point. He deserves to reap the rewards.

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