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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

End Of An Era

by jakesdaddio
For PackerChatters

I say this as a huge Packer fan! I have supported Mike Sherman through it all, but I believe this will be his last year in Green Bay, and it's not entirely his fault. I also believe this team is headed for Bear Country, meaning the bottom of the NFC North, for at least a couple of years.

First of all, I believe Brett Favre will retire. If you really wanted to come back, wouldn't you know it already? Also, two pro-bowl calliber offensive lineman are going to be gone, and Kevin Barry could also be gone soon. Nall and O'Sullivan could also very easily be gone. Do you realize that the current depth chart of Packer QB's could be gone entirely, except if you count McBrien, who is in NFLE? Favre retiring will send a ripple through the team. The ONLY reason many people wanted to come to play in Green Bay was to get the chance to play with Brett. With him gone, and a much weaker line, very few players will want to come to Green Bay. This will make the draft a priority under TT.

Secondly, I find the low tenders to Kampman, Nall, O'sullivan, Davenport, etc..extremely bizarre. It seems to me the Packers are daring other teams to raid these players, and would rather have the picks, low as they may be. It seems to me that TT is in a rebuilding mode...getting all of his own players, and getting rid of Sherman's. We all know TT loves picks..he's said that numerous times. It seems the team is now ready to bite the bullet, and let some players go to save cap room, and start rebuilding. that is something that wouldn't happen if Favre was 2-3 years younger.

Which brings me to Mike Sherman. He is going to do his very best to move this team forward, but offensively I see a very disappointing year for the Packers. The defense will improve greatly, making Jim Bates a big head coaching candidate in the future. Rather than let him leave, the Packers will likely fire Mike Sherman, and hire Jim Bates to avoid his leaving. I get the feeling that TT isn't real impressed with Mike Sherman, and would rather have his own guy. He is slapping him in the face, in a way, by letting all these players get the lowest tenders. He is saying to Mike, your players aren't that good, and we're not going to overpay them. I can't necessarily disagree with TT, I am just giving you my opinion.

With Favre gone, the Packers will need 2 QB;s who can play, because you know whoever the starter is won't play in every game like Brett did. No other QB in the NFL does that. The Packers may have to trade other good players to get set up for the future. Don't be suprised to see Ahman Green traded for defensive help, and picks. Without Green, Davenport, Rivera, Wahle, Favre, Barry, maybe Franks, how different would this offense look? And what will this team likely draft mostly? Defense. They can't be big players in free agency, because they don't have cap space, so they can't get help on the offense in the draft, unless they don't help the Defensive side of the ball like we all think.

To sum up, this team is in a mess! The good news is, I think we may have a great young GM in TT, who will quickly draft our way out of this mess. But, don't be suprised to see the Packers in the basement of the NFC North for a couple of years. Just remember, in today's NFL, teams can turn things around quickly, so please remain the great fans you were when the Packers sucked in the 70's and 80's. I don't want to see empty seats at Lambeau, EVER!!

I hope I am wrong, and I am sorry if this is rambling, but I have a hunch this team in in a world of hurt! The good news is, I believe in a couple of years, this team can be right back where we belong, back in the Super Bowl.

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