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Monday, February 28, 2005

The ultimate "team" philosophy

by Rev White
For PackerChatters

I think the difference between NE and everyone else is that all 53 players and the coaching staff are on the same page. What the Pats have is the ultimate "team" philosophy. I think that it comes so naturally to them since Belichick has been around guys like Crennel and Weis so long that they know each other inside and out. That will all change now, but who is to say that the Pats will fail because of it?

Plus the Patriot defense is so unique that you can almost plug any player in it and they'll succeed. If there has every been a scheme like that, I haven't seen it in my 25+ years of life. But I think it's easier to find LB's to fit a 3-4 than to find two pretty good rush DE's for a 4-3.

The Patriots just do so many things well that it almost looks simplistic to a lot of fans. The truth of the matter is what the Patriots do likely wouldn't work in 95% of the NFL cities out there. Just because another team makes it look easy doesn't make it so for everyone else. For those fans who say Thompson isn't signing FA's this year because of the NE-model, to look again. I think Thompson wants a good cap situation in GB not only next year, but for the next couple of years. Gone are the "easy money" deals guys like Hunt and Johnson got. Thompson won't hesitate to bring in players to make the Packers better, but it'll be done with a little more study than in the past. I think if Thompson can bring in both S.Rolle and Lucas, he should do it. But that might come at the expense of both Wahle and Sharper, so it's a situation of give and take.

Sherman's legacy is now intertwined with what Bates does with the defense. Either Sherman & Co. will be seen as miracle workers or Sherman will be seen as a coach who peaked early, had some good seasons but was just a mediocre coach who squandered opportunities.

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