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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Patty's Green Bay Draft Sheet

by Staff
PackerChatters Staff

Special Announcement:
Wednesday February 23rd, 2005!

After not hearing from Patty for a couple of weeks and not getting any replies to email our concerns were realized today as we received word from her husband John that Patty suffered a major heart attack Monday Feb. 7. The complete details of the email will not be posted but her husband said in one comment that "Her spirits are very low but that is expected according to her doctors as the medications they are pumping through her are very potent."
Patty is currently in the hospital in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and it is not clear at this time if she will completely recover, that is be able to get back to her non-stop football regimen. It is pretty clear that she will not be doing her "normal" 70 hour weeks preparing for the draft this year and 'Patty's Green Bay Draft Sheet' (7th Annual) will not be finished.
We here at PackerChatters offer our thoughts and prayers to Patty and her family.

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