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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bubba Franks tagged

by Mark Quarderer
PackerChatters Staff

I'm very happy that the Packers put the transition tag on Bubba.

Around the league, traditionally, when a team puts the transition tag on a player it is as a step in signing them to a long term contract. This allows both parties to find out what his true worth is in the open market and yet keeps the door open for both parties to sign a long term deal that works to their mutual advantage.

Bubba has stated that he'd prefer to remain in Green Bay, and I'll take that at face value. People in the Packer hierarchy have been quoted as saying that Bubba is a very valuable member of the team, and I'll take that at face value, too.

Any team making an offer to Bubba knows that the Packers have the right to match, so if they're going to have any kind of realistic hope of getting him, they'll almost certainly have to overpay.

Additionally, Bubba is not sexy. He's not one of them seam-splittin', field-stretchin', tackler-tramplin' guys that you see on the ESPN hilight reels, so teams may think...."Do we really need to overpay for a guy like this? Why don't we just draft Heath Miller instead?"

So I'm pretty optimistic this morning that the Packers will hang onto Bubba. I just don't see how you make your team better if you permit young, capable starters to leave. You have enough holes to fill without having to keep replacing new holes which are created by your starters leaving in FA.

He's 26. He's never missed a game with injury. He compares pretty well to any Packer TE who has ever played. He's a good locker room guy and he keeps his nose clean. I think he's definitely worth keeping, and I think that it'll probably happen.

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